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Friday, 27 April 2012

Ive Moved

As of today I am moving my blog.

Please do come and take a peek at the new and improved site and say hello.

You can find me over at:

Look forward to seeing you there.

Karen x

Thursday, 26 April 2012

117/366 - Preschool Is Soooo Tiring

This was Poppy when she came home from Preschool this morning:

Poor little thing was worn out.

Karen x

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

116/366 - Rosie's Hat

Today Daddy, Rosie and I enjoyed a little trip out whilst Poppy was at Preschool (never been done before). Whilst out, Rosie found this gorgeous hat and decided she had to have it. Daddy couldn't resist her smile and "please Daddy" so brought it for her.

Karen x

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

115/366 - Little Old Me

I have been avoiding the camera recently imagining I look huge and bloated as the weeks go by in my pregnancy. I was quite surprised therefore when Husband took this photo of me yesterday , I actually liked it.

So this is me at 27 weeks.

Karen x

27 Weeks Pregnant - My Bump Diary

Wow 27 weeks and approaching the 3rd trimester. I am a bit confused about when this officially starts to be honest as different books/sites say different things. I think it might be next week though.

This week my little girl is about the size of a cauliflower, that's around 36cm n length and  weighing approximately 1.5-2.2Ib.

Her eyes open and close now, she sleeps and wakes at regular times and may suck her finger or thumb. Her brain is starting to show some activity and will continue to develop and grow more complex over the upcoming weeks.

Its been a bit of a difficult week for me as I have been really poorly (sore throat/ loss of voice and cough). It was a very nasty virus which knocked me off my feet completely but luckily I am back to feeling peachy again!

The only other complaint I have is this ongoing itchiness. I have seen my midwife who advises me it is probably normal but she has organised a blood test for next week to check my liver. I cant explain how bad it is but the pharmacist has given me some calamine with aqueous cream which is helping to some degree. It feels like insects crawling all over me and sometimes burns, particularly on the tops of my feet....not nice at all! I have no rash or spots though so that has got to be good!

All in all I am doing ok. Husband is on leave for two weeks so is helping out lots with the girls and letting me rest when I need to,  I have even managed a few sneaky afternoon naps :-). I'm making the most of it as we are going to be moving in the next few months so life is going to be busy. Luckily we are moving closer to my family so that will be lovely and they will be around to help too.

It is a bit unsettling not knowing when we are going but I am trying to stay calm and relaxed about it all. We are hoping to move and settle before the little lady arrives. However, I have found out the Maternity Unit there is all brand new (only opened last year) so that sounds good and is very reassuring. As soon as I know when we are due to move I will have to arrange a visit.

My bump is starting to grow more and I have noticed I get out of breath more easily.  I am feeling pretty good though so am going to let Husband take some nice pictures of me over the next few this space, I might post a few.

Lots of baby stuff has started to arrive for me to review too, its all very exciting and I honestly cant wait to meet her and let her try it all out.

Overall feeling good, feeling lots of movements and am happy to be pregnant again.

Karen x

Monday, 23 April 2012

114/366 - My Lovely Husband

This is my gorgeous Husband. We have been together 20 years this year and are still not bored of each other! Love you Husband!

Karen x

ghd's - Introducing The Gorgeous New Peacock Collection

Last week was a pretty bad week for me as I was feeling really poorly.  However, it greatly improved when I was sent a brand new pair of ghds from the Peacock collection to review....lucky me!

I am a huge fan of straightening my hair and ghds are the best. I did have an old black pair but they have been relegated to the back of the wardrobe  now these shiny new ones have arrived:

The ghd Peacock collection is the very latest hairstyler and is available in three different colour ways - there is the gorgeous deep amethyst purple (which I was sent to try),  a rich emerald green and a dazzling sapphire blue. All look bright, colourful and very beautiful.

Not only do you get the gold classic styler with coloured plates and accents but they come beautifully presented in this gorgeous box complete with a luxurious  storage bag and mat, making them ideal for presents:

The mat is really handy and something I have been meaning to buy for a while. Its heat protective so you can save your carpets and furniture from those little burn marks that so easily occur:

As someone who is already addicted to her ghd's it was the small things I noted and fell in love with. Not only do they look beautiful but I like the way ghd lights up purple when switched on (im such a girl), how easily they glide through my hair and how they turn them selves off after 30 minutes if you forget to.

Its amazing. It only takes a little time to straighten your hair but it can make a huge difference to how you look and feel.

Here is me transformed from looking a bit rough (hair tied back, no make up)  to ...w ell lets just say much more like me:

Now not only can you straighten your hair with these, you can also have a go at curling them too. Here is a little clip to show you how to do it:

It looks so easy, I am going to have to have a go at doing that.

I would definitely say every Yummy Mummy needs a pair of ghds and would recommend the Peacock collection to you all. They are absolutely gorgeous!

Karen x