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Monday, 28 February 2011

More Slummy than yummy!

Well I slept in late this morning which meant a manic dash around trying to get the girls ready and leave the house on time.  So girls ready, I tied my hair back, threw on some clothes and looking more like a council estate Mummy (can I say that?) than a yummy Mummy, I set off for Nursery.  I dropped Poppy off, Husband off at work and then arriving home I looked in the mirror...tired puffy eyes, dark circles and unwashed hair stared back at me.  Did I really go out looking like that? 

I then ran around the house cleaning and tidying while the little one was having a nap.  When she woke up we enjoyed some quality Mummy/Rosie time with lots of cuddles and playing, but the minute she went back down for her afternoon nap, I enjoyed a relaxing bubble bath and pulled myself together! It felt wonderfully luxurious and a little bit naughty having a bath in the afternoon, but when I ventured back out of the house again I was looking and feeling much more like myself. 

Karen x

Busy weekend and very good friends

What a lovely but busy weekend!  It has been a perfect time for catching up with family and friends but I have felt as though I am running a B&B!  First My Nana left on Friday, a few hours later my Mother-in-Law and her partner arrived for the night, they left the following morning and two hours later our very good friends arrived with their little girl for the rest of the weekend!  That means the bedding for the spare room was changed four times, not to mention cooking and cleaning for everyone, no wonder I am shattered!

The highlight was having our friends to stay.  We have not seen them for over a year and their little girl is now 18 months old.  She is absolutely gorgeous and Poppy loved running around with her and showing off all her toys.  Just before they got here, I did make myself smile though. I had tidied everything away and told Poppy to sit still and not make a mess...she is only two and a half! How many Mums have found themselves doing that? hee hee. She got me back though as they had they had only been here a few minutes and almost every toy she owned seemed to be out! 

Now I have to be careful not to rant but I honestly do believe that Men are from Mars! How is it that they have time to sit on their butts comparing ipads and iMacs and have time to go for a long run when the women seem to be running around looking after the children, cooking, cleaning and entertaining?  Us girls did get a short break and an opportunity for some fresh air when the men took over and plonked the girls in front of Cbeebies for an hour!  Although it was lovely, they just did not get that it would have been perfect if we had all gone out together as originally planned!

Finally, we had a wonderful evening and let our hair down with a few drinks knowing that all the girls were in bed from 6.30pm and would sleep through the night...ha ha I don't think so!  Rosie chose that night to be up all night, seemingly with teething trouble, although they have still not made an appearance.  I do hope for her sake they come soon as they have been causing her such grief!   So it was with no sleep and a hangover, I tried to be the perfect hostess.  I just hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did.

Karen x

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Baking with Nana

I love my Mum dearly but she does have this annoying habbit of not reading instructions or following recipies.  Anyway, now I know where she gets it from...her Mum!! 

My Nana has been staying with me and yesterday we decided that her and Poppy would do some baking together, just like we used to when I was little.  She found a recipie in a magazine for coconut macaroons, we brought the ingrediants and decided they would make them today. I was just going to set them up, make sure Nana knew where everything was and leave them to it but it turned out they needed my help!,

Well to be honest it was not the easiest reciepie to follow but you have never seen anything like it.  Egg white was flying around the kitchen, Nana, Poppy and I were sprayed with it, we then had to add a bit more as there was no longer much in the bowl.  We were supposed to make a sugary syrup but as I rushed to help clean up the mess the syrup turned to a lumpy dry powder.  Then we were supposed to add the almond paste...what paste?  Whoops, Nana had missed out this part when she was giving out instructions.  The final result looked good but was sadly undercooked.  They have been back in the oven for three times longer than they were supposed to but at last they are edible!  Everyone had fun, Poppy loved eating them but the moral of the story...if you are going to use a recipie, pick an easy one and follow it!!!

Oh and I just have to add, a few hours later My Nana was wondering why she could not see out of her glassess, she took them off to examine them and they were covered in egg white spray! Now I know where i get my dizziness from!

Karen x

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Pretty hair and Princesses

Today was the day at two and a half, Poppy had her first hair cut.  How exciting.  I was slightly concerned about how she would behave and have been preparing her for a few weeks.  

I decided it would be nice if I had mine done at the same time  and feeling excited about the prospect of looking a little bit more like a yummy mummy, this morning I told her that they were going to make us both look like princesses.  I was a bit thrown when she turned to me and said "no Mummy, you are too old to be a princess".  I only felt slightly better when seeing my face she added "you will look like a queen"  Hee hee!

I had nothing to worry about.  She was as good as gold.  So I have saved a lock of hair and put it away in her keepsake box and feel as though that is another milestone over with!

I also have to mention that as I have blogged about before,  I am a little bit addicted to this blogging.  Well last night I could not sleep and as my Husband is away, I sat up in bed with my laptop blogging away to my hearts content.  This morning when my little girl came running into my bedroom she said "oh no Mummy, you are not supposed to take your laptop to bed, you need to leave it downstairs"!!  Hee hee.  That told me!

Karen x

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Lazy days and Nappies

Last night we decided today would be a relaxing day, we would not have to get up and rush off anywhere...lovely.   Well that was plan, but in  my life nothing ever goes according to the plan!

I went to change Rosie first thing this morning and realised that I was down to my last three nappies.  How did that happen? very unlike me!  I went shopping twice yesterday so there really was no excuse.  I put the first of them on and two minutes later it was dirty...typical.  I put the next one on and searched the whole house: the downstairs none there, the upstairs none there, the Mummy none there.   Then I gave up and realised that was it, with only one left  I had no choice but to venture out and about. 

After that I gave up on the idea of relaxing and rushed around doing all sorts of jobs.  So my nice quiet relaxing day did not really happen, then again with a baby and a toddler they rarely do.  I did however, settle down with a gin and tonic at the end of the day which was rather nice.

Karen x

Monday, 21 February 2011

Fancy a drink?

Well not only am I not quite a yummy mummy, I am not the hostess with the mostest either.

As previously mentioned I have my Nana staying with me for a few weeks.  We are having a lovely time and last night I thought I would offer her a glass of wine.  "if youre having one I will" she said.  I  had a look in the fridge and all I had was a quarter of a bottle of rose.  That will do I thought pouring it into two glasses and hoping she would not want a second hee hee

Tonight we decided again a little drink would be lovely.  I went to see what I could find and came back with two lovely whisky glasses with the smallest amount of Baileys in each.  The lovely taste was very moreish but I had to tell her that was it, there was none left. We could not hold back the giggles.  Then I came back with a glass of Chardonnay and a hot mulled wine...the last of my offerings.  We were in stiches.  Although we were laughing, I think maybe I had better redeem myself buy us a little treat tomorrow night hee hee, especially as she told me my its not like this when she goes to my Sisters!!!

Karen x

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Giggles and Netbook

Thanks to all you lovely ladies for your comments on my last post.  They have made me feel much better.  Its nice to know I am not alone and they did make me giggle!

I have mentioned before that the fan on my Sony Vaio has sounds like a plane taking off while using it.  Last night it had got so bad, we could not hear the voices on the youtube clips we were trying to watch... that is pretty loud.  Anyway, my gorgeous generous Husband took me to PC World today and I am now the proud owner of a new HP lipstick pink netbook with a matching bright pink sleeve.  Its fab!  I love my Husband!

Karen x

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Addicted to blogging

Oh dear, I think I am becoming addicted to this blogging.  I am having great fun designing my page, writing in my blog and looking at other Mummy blogs to the extent that I can't wait for the girls to get to bed.  My Husband took Poppy out earlier for a few hours and normally I would have run round cleaning the house from top to bottom...not today!  I spent the whole time glued to my laptop! Two hours later, the house had not been touched and little Rosie had got up from her nap to be plonked on the floor to amuse herself with her toys. What a wicked neglectful Mummy. Is this a common problem other Mummy Bloggers are finding?  Would love some reassurance that I am not the only one!

Karen x

Sisters and Dads x

I am not sure if I have mentioned it before but my Sister is also writing a blog Not yet a yummy Mummy.  It was her who started first and got me interested. 

Anyway, she has decided what a lovely day it would be to attend the CyberMummy conference in June together. A chance for a day out, shared interests, meeting other like minded Mummy bloggers and of course the goody bag!  Sounds great.  I was slightly concerned about the price tag and hadn't got around to chatting to the Husband when my lovely Dad steeped in.  He wants to treat his two daughters to a special day out.  What a lovely Dad I have.  To top it off, Mum and Dad have offered to babysit for all the children...perfect.  I can't wait.  How exciting.  We are turning into serious bloggers!  Hope to see you there.

Karen x

Pretty bows and Skirts

I am loving my little girls new hair bows so much that I have decided I might give it a go myself and try to make them.  There are a million clips on youtube on how to do it and it looks so easy, so watch this space!!  You never know, I might get good and start selling them!

Poppy's little outfit arrived from Hong Kong today and its gorgeous.  I fell in love with it while searching for tutus when she started ballet but decided it was too expensive.  I then found it on ebay for half the price but it came from Hong Kong.  I was slightly concerned about what I was buying but its gorgeous and I can't wait for her to wear it to a family Wedding next month. 

The Husband has taken Poppy to the Zoo today so I can have a rest.  Have a million jobs to do but decided to listen and not do anything...bliss!! Hes a good Husband!

Karen x

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Laptops and Coffee

I have not written much the past few days as I have my Nana to stay and feel a bit rude keep turning my laptop on.  It doesn't help that the fan is going on it, so everytime I turn it on it sounds as though it is about to take off...a little bit unsocialble me thinks.  I do love my pink Sony Vaio though.  I don't want to swap it for another one.
It is so nice to have my Nana here to stay.  I have got so used to having the Husband away in the week I had forgotten how nice it is to have company. The girls are loving it too.  Today we went to a toddler group up at Shane's work.  We all had a lovely time and my Nana enjoyed meeting my friends.  It was also a chance for Poppy to show off one of her new hair bows.  She does look a cutie. We call it her finishing touch (pinched that from a friend).

Talking about friends.  I have a brain like a sieve at the moment.  I told my Nana on Monday that I had friends and their children coming over on Tuesday afternoon for coffee. However, after a night of disturbed sleep I woke up bleary eyed and completely forgot!  It wasn't until the doorbell rang that I remembered....whoops!  

Karen x

Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines Day and Hair bows

 Its Valentines Day but my Husband is away.  He left me a lovely card though and we shared a nice bottle of wine and box of chocolates when he came home on Friday!  Happy Valentines Day Husband x

Yeehh the new hair bows I have been waiting for have arrived and we love them!!  They took a few weeks but were worth the wait.

The bright pink envelope landed on my door mat this morning and inside they were all wrapped up in tissue paper...just gorgeous.  Rosie has had one of hers in already and I can't wait to put Poppy's in tomorrow (she is at Nursery now!).

Karen x

Sore throat and Irioning

Oh dear, I have such a sore throat today and my neck feels swollen.  I hope I am not going down with what the girls have had.  It seems to be one thing after another at the moment.  On a plus note my Nana has come to stay for a fortnight.  We love having her to stay and she loves the girls so it should be a good few weeks!

Talking about help...Daddy has not been much help this weekend.  You can tell he has just got used to looking after himself. Normally, a brilliant hands on Daddy, he kept flapping when any food, sick, drool or bath water headed his way.  Obviously this happened pretty frequently as we have an 8 month old and of course his shirt turned into a magnet attracting everything.  When I pointed out that I deal with this everyday, he felt guilty and did a massive ironing session so all was forgiven.  Love you Husband.

Karen x

Friday, 11 February 2011

Daddy's Home

Having the Husband home for a long weekend is wonderful.  Nothing like a bit of separation to make you appreciate each other more.  The girls slept all night...surprise surprise!  They always do at weekends so he wonders what all the fuss is about when I winge on the phone.  Poppy seems fine, she is fully dosed up on Calpol and Calprofen, but the ear does not seem to be bothering her too much.  So no need for the prescription...the Doctor was right after all!!

This morning we dragged Daddy along to the music group we go to.  Seeing as Poppy was ok, had slept all night and had not been out since Monday, I thought it would do her the world of good to get out and about.  I was right.  She had great fun seeing her friends and singing and dancing.

Daddy has noticed a huge difference in little Rosie.  She eats more competently, sits better and has just got bigger as little ones do.  Its amazing how much they change, so quickly.  Its funny though.  We are doing a mix of puree food and baby led weaning.  So in between bits of proper food, I spoon in some of the puree.  Daddy does not get it though.  He is soo worried she is going to choke and insists I cut her food up into small bits.  When he is not here, she sucks on whole satsuma slices, bits of mango, pasta, all sorts but when he is here, he picks up tiny bits to give her. Oh well, he will learn (and he is not here most of the time so we can do what we like then, hee hee).

Karen x

Ear infections and prescriptions

Back on track...I don't think so!  We were up all night with Poppy very unwell.  She pretty much woke up every hour crying from 9.30pm till 5.30am and then the crying got worse and she did not go back to sleep.  She was hot and kept pulling at her ears saying she didn't know what was wrong.  In the morning we took her to the GP only to discover she had an ear infection.  Poor little thing.  She was very grown up though.  She is only two and a half but was able to tell the Doctor she was poorly, that she had ear ache and point to the right ear..little love!  

Once he told her that she had an ear infection that was it though...she was like "ok Doctor" and ran over to the little shopping trolley in the corner and started to push it round.  Why is it when they are poorly and sick at home, only want cuddles and don't want to play....the minute you take them to the Doctor they look like there is nothing wrong with them and you are an over reactive parent?? 

Anyway, we were given a prescription but told to hang on to it and not take it to the Chemist straight away, as antibiotics do not work on ear infections.  What is all that about?  Apparently, the latest research shows ear infections go away by themselves in a few days and antibiotics just makes them drowsy and sick but does not make the ear infection clear up any quicker.  Not sure I trust this, but he did say that she may well be over the worse of it.  That she has probably had it for a few days and that I may not have realised as she has had a cold.  This news made me feel like a wicked, neglectful Mummy but remember I have had no sleep!!  Oh well, watch this we or don't we give her the antibiotics?

Karen x

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sickness and Angels

Yesterday was not a good day.  I think I had eaten something a bit off and was really sick.  To be honest I do not know how I got through the day.  It is hard work looking after two little ones when you feel like you are dying.  Thank goodness mine are little angels.  I must admit I used CBeebies to babysit, something that is limited in our house so they were loving it.  

Not ill often, my little girl did not really understand what was wrong with me.  Feeling dreadful, I wrapped myself up in my favourite blue fleecy blanket like an old lady, only to have Poppy climb under it telling me "wow its like an ocean in here".  She then proceeded to tell me about all the imaginary fish she could see.  Next she clambered out from under the blanket and saw my knees huddled up to my chest.  "Wow", she said, "a mountain" and proceeded to climb up me.... no, it's not easy being a Mummy when you are poorly.

I still have not been much of a yummy mummy today.  We had another quiet day as I was still feeling wiped out but I am hoping I will be back on track tomorrow.  Luckily the girls seem okay and their Daddy will be home tomorrow too.

Karen x

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Family and yellow hair

Well that's another weekend almost over, this year just seems to be whizzing by.  

We had a good one with Poppy's ballet lesson again yesterday and then family over for a lovely day today. We did the whole roast dinner thing and one of my Aunties who had not seen my girls yet came too.  It was magical to see her playing with the girls.  Its so hard when you have such a large family to get round and see everyone but it is lovely when it happens, so I am going to make much more of an effort this year to get round everyone.

Poppy is still freaking me about a bit though.  She told my Dad today about the lady whose house this is.  She told him that she sees her only sometimes, that she has yellow hair and that she likes her.  I don't know what to do or to think.  Maybe it is her imagination and I am reading too much into it, but what if there is more to it?  I am just really looking forward to my Husband coming home now.

Karen x

Friday, 4 February 2011

Music and sandwiches

I cannot believe it is Friday again already, where has the week gone?

After a good nights sleep for all of us, the girls were well, so this morning we headed off to a toddlers music group. We go every week and the girls love it.  Poppy gets up and sings and dances whilst playing with instruments while Rosie giggles away and looks on happily. Its great fun. We usually stay for coffee but today we went back for lunch with one of the other girls and her children.  

Poppy loves going to other peoples houses because their Mummy's always make cool sandwiches.  At home she gets one piece of bread, folded into half and cut into two squares, triangles or maybe three rectangles depending on my mood.  Today however, she got two dinosaur sandwiches...much more interesting!  Oh dear, I think I might need to purchase some sandwich cutters.  I would hate to think that she was embarrassed when friends come to ours and get plain old boring shapes

Talking about shopping, I have ordered my groceries online with Sainsburys again today.  I did it this afternoon whilst the girls were having a nap and its going to be delivered tomorrow between 10 and 11am.  Fantastic.  So much easier than trying to shop with a baby and a toddler by myself.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Colds and ghosts

Yeehhh!  Rosie slept all night last night.  I was beginning to think she had forgotten how to.  Poppy got up four times but settled quickly so all in all it was a much better night. At least I have discovered why Poppy has not been herself the past few days.  She is coming down with a cold.  Poor little thing has a runny nose and eyes and doesn't feel great.  A bit of Calpol soon sorted her out though and I was back in dreamland.  I feel like a new woman today. Its amazing what a good nights sleep can do for you.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am beginning to think our house is haunted.  Today my daughter, again told me she wanted to go home and that this was not our house, it belongs to a lady.  Usually I tell her it does not but today I changed tactics and tried to get her to tell me more.  I asked what lady? had she seen a lady?  She said yes she had seen the lady and she was in the kitchen...freaky!!  Then I asked her if she was a nice lady and she said she was.  Finally, she told me the lady is old and that she likes her before getting distracted by a different toy.  Is there such a thing as ghosts?  I personally have never felt anything strange but I must admit, I am beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable now.  Maybe its just her imagination and I am reading too much into it as my husband is away.  Any advice would be much appreciated.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Fluffy pillows and ghosts

So much for things getting back to normal...last night was a night from hell!!!  Both girls were up pretty much all night.  They were soothed and calmed but then started again 10 minutes later.  At least Rosie had a reason, she appeared to be suffering with her teeth (although no signs of them yet!!), I have no idea what Poppy's problem was.  I am now fantasizing about sleeping in a room far far away from here, all alone with a big fluffy white duvet and big fat comfy pillows.  I think I could sleep for a week.  Fingers crossed tonight is better.

Poppy has been freaking me out the past few days.  We are currently renting the house we live in and have lived here for about five months.  For the past few weeks, every time she comes in the house she says "I want to go home!", when I tell her this is home she says "no its not.  This house belongs to a lady...not us!".  The freaky thing is this house did belong to an old lady who died.  We are renting it from her sons. 

To make matters worse, last night when she got out of the bath she also said "I'm going to die".  I asked her what she meant and she just kept repeating herself over and over.  Scary! Eventually she said "like the octonauts Mummy...aaah dive, she wants to dive!!  Deary me...she is going to give me a heart attack!  

It is all making me a bit nervous, especially as its just me and the girls for a few more weeks yet. Hurry home Husband! 

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Dark circles and food

Its been one of those days today when no amount of touche eclat could cover the dark circles under my eyes.  A few weeks of broken sleep have caught up on me.  I am hoping that tonight is the night when things get back to normal and my girls sleep through the night.  An early night is the plan for me.

We went and had lunch with a friend today.  That was lovely.  Could not believe how much my girls ate though.  They are little eating machines. Even Rosie who has only been eating for a month enjoyed a feast.  

I am loving making all her food.  At the moment we have lots of little pots in the fridge and freezer of sweet potato with orange; broccoli, peas and pear etc and I am having great fun making new recipes.  

I don't think Rosie will be on the puree stage for long though.  She is happiest with chunks of bread or cheese and slices of peach, mango, blueberries or raspberries.  The only thing she has turned her nose up at was butternut squash! But what she really wants is anything her sister has.  Today she was eying up the yogurt coated  raisins and was not happy when I told her she was too young for them.  Her little mouth was moving away as if to say "mmmm delicious, I could eat them!"

Its been six days now since I first started blogging and I am really getting into it.  The only thing is every time something happens I think "that will be great for my blog", or "that would be a good title".   I think I might start to drive my friends and family mad soon.  I have started looking at the other Mummy's blogs too.  They make for good reading and its reassuring to see most Mums are not perfect!