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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

60/366 - Holding Hands

Poppy managed to get Rosie to walk a little of the way today by offering her hand. I was pleased I had my phone on me and managed to capture it;

Sisters are special.

Karen x

Oh and for the record I realise that the weather is improving but poppy insisted on wearing her hat!

The Gallery - Friends

I am a very girly girl and friends are very important to me. Due to the number of times we have moved I have friends spread all around the World that are important and special for various reasons.

However, the one friend who has been there through everything with me and knows all my secrets is Sarah. We have known each other since we were 17 and have never argued! She is more like another Sister than a friend and is like an Aunty to the girls. They love her too.

Despite not seeing each other for ages, we talk regularly on the phone and I know that next time we do see each other, it will be like we saw each other yesterday. I also know if I needed her she would be there in a flash just as I would be for her!

She is one in a million! A very special person.

Do you have someone like this?

For more friendship posts head over to Sticky Fingers.

Karen x

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

59/366 - Big Sister Does Story Time

This photo made my heart melt:

Every evening we have the same routine: bath, story time on the sofa, wee, teeth, bed! The girls love it because they know what's coming next and we enjoy it too.

Tonight Poppy wanted to "read" to her Sister. I thought it was very cute but instead of picking an easy book she knows off by heart, she picked the Tailor of Gloucester from the Peter Rabbit series. She quickly realised that Mummy would have to read this one but it was very cute anyway.

Karen x

Having A Wobble!

Okay so this morning was not a good morning and left me feeling quite tearful and emotional. The problem?..... the School run.

We live at the top of a very steep hill and Poppy's School is more than half way down it. Now when I say steep, I mean steep!! For me to get there by myself it takes five minutes. With the girls it can take up to half an hour.

Before Christmas Rosie was walking all the way up and all the way down by herself.

A tiny part of the hill

After the Holidays she became more reluctant and I had to carry her for part of it. I was okay with this and used my hip seat for such occasions, that way she could could hop on and off as required.

Since half term however, she has refused to walk any of it. She will cry scream if I try to make her and will sit or lie on the floor refusing to move. Leaving me looking like a wicked Mother who won't carry her little girl up the hill.

Now I know she is still only little (19 months) and it is a hard hill to climb but I also know she can do it. At 19 weeks pregnant, it is getting harder and harder for me to get myself up the hill without carrying Rosie too. Its killing me. On top of that, the hip seat wont fit me for ever as my bump is going to get much bigger.

I ache all over, particularly around my back, shoulders and neck.

Now I could take the pushchair but once I reach the School there are really steep steps we need to get down...not good for a pushchair!

I could miss the steps out by going the long way round but this would mean an even longer walk and I would have to push the pushchair up and down the whole of the hill plus more. I must point out how hard it is pushing the thing up this hill. It is a nightmare.

I could carry her in a baby carrier on my back and have actually been sent one to trial (more about that later in the week). But is this just giving in to her and will it make her lazier?

Maybe I could drive but when I live so close it seems such a waste. Plus there is no parking and it would be a whole other nightmare.

I don't know what the answer is but I do know it is only going to get harder if she continues to refuse to walk.

Today I have to go up and down the hill 6 times: we take Poppy to School, we come home, we  pick her up, we bring her home, we go to a toddler group, we come home again!

Today is not a good day!

Karen x

My Bump Diary - 19 Weeks Pregnant

I am now 19 weeks pregnant so almost halfway there. I am also starting to feel very pregnant.

This week my baby is apparently the size of a mango:

That's approximately 14.2cm and weighing 240g. Pretty impressive! My bump is bigger than a mango though! Honestly I don't know where its come from but I have definitely changed shape in the past few weeks. Maybe I will post a photo next week.

I have been feeling lots of movement and Husband can too. Its mostly in the evening but I guess I am too busy in the day with both girls to think about it.

I have finally given in and ditched my under wire bras and replaced them with some new maternity ones. I managed to get two pretty Hotmilk sets and love them!

It has been a pretty good week and overall I have been feeling pretty fact I have had so much energy, I have not been able to stop cleaning and sorting.  I think the nesting has started really early.

I did over do it one day last week though and it resulted in me aching head to toe and having a mini melt down. I guess my hormones are all over the place, I knew I was being silly but I got myself in a state over mess and no-one listening to me. I guess I need to take it easy sometimes.

I have had some difficulty sleeping.  I can still sleep on my tummy for a while but get uncomfortable and end up swapping to side, then back, then tummy etc. Husband says I have been snoring too but ssshhh don't tell anyone. I guess I had better get used to it as it only gets worse as you get bigger.

I have also had pretty itchy skin all over. I had this with both girls and it got so bad I ended up with lots of  tiny red, sore spots all over my tummy and was prescribed steroid cream. Its not that bad at the moment but hoping it doesn't get as bad as it did with them. I have been using oil and lotions to help with this.

Apart form that everything is great. We find out next week if its a boy or girl and are all very excited. Poppy has her heart set on a little girl and has her names all ready! I just cant wait to know so I can buy him or her a little something and start getting organised.

Karen x

Monday, 27 February 2012

58/366 - Experimenting With Close Ups

Poppy and I were playing g today, taking lots of close up photos of us on my mobile phone. I really liked this one.

Karen x

Giant Strawberries Made Rosie Smile!

Rosie has been teething recently and off her food again. Today however she could not get enough of these huge strawberries:

It was lovely to see her enjoying food again.

Karen x

My Week That Was...

Wow another week has gone already. This one was a little boring really as Rosie hasn't been her usual self.

Monday - Rosie has been teething and has been very clingy and wingy. I found it hard carrying her up the hill today on the School run, as she refused to walk. She slept all afternoon though so I did get to have a little rest after  a huge cleaning spurt! I think the nesting has kicked in.

Tuesday - This morning Poppy was at Preschool so Rosie and I played. Then this afternoon we all went to the toddler group at the School. it was really nice to catch up with the other mums and see the girls play.

Wednesday - Think I over did it today with the nesting! Did loads more cleaning whilst Poppy was at Preschool and Rosie was napping. Tonight I had a bit of a melt down when I ached from head to toe and no-one was listening to me! Was tearful and emotional too :-(. Being pregnant is tough sometimes.

Thursday - Poppy had Preschool in the morning then this afternoon we made her Gramps some chocolates as he is going into hospital next week.

The weathers starting to warm up a little and its lovely so we also spent some time outside too. When Daddy came home we taste tested some of the chocolates and they were pretty yummy!

Oh my new maternity underwear arrived too so feel much more comfortable already:

Friday - We had our usual music group this morning which went pretty well. The girls had fun singing and dancing. Then we had to pick up a bit of shopping in Sainsburys when I spotted all these cute things I just had to have for our kitchen:

I love them and husband didn't mind that they were pink. Might have to go back for more of the range! (cant stop shopping as well as cleaning.....girl?)

Saturday - I took Poppy to her usual ballet lesson and then we sneaked of for a quick coffee/ babyccino. We bumped into one of the other Mums and Daughters on the way to the cafe so all ended up having a drink and cake together which was really nice.

During the afternoon, I headed off to the Salon to have my hair cut, leaving Husband to play with the girls. It was lovely having a little bit of child free time.This evening Husband and I cuddled up and watched a movie with chocolate which was very nice!

Sunday - Husband had to go to work this afternoon so we all enjoyed a lazy morning together. Once he left, the girls and I had fun in the garden and generally carried on being a bit lazy. It was lovely!

Rosie seems to be getting better but is still sleeping a lot....maybe making up for being up in the night last week. Fingers crossed its a more exciting week next week and that the good weather stays with us.

Karen x

Saturday, 25 February 2012

56/366 - Sleepy Cuddles

Rosie has cut another two teeth this week. She suffers pretty badly when they cut and has been very clingy, very wingy and just wanted to be cuddled.

Its hard work carrying her around when she would usually walk but I do love all the extra cuddles im getting, especially the sleepy one's before bedtime.

Karen x

Could Either Of These Be The Star Of JoJo?

Our favourite shop in the whole wide world - JoJo Maman Bebe is looking for a new star and my girls have been entered to win.

Could either of these gorgeous cheeky faces be the Star Of JoJo?

Vote Rosie

The girls would love your support as the prize is a fantastic :

250 pounds worth of vouchers.... that's' a lot of pretty dresses
An all expenses paid trip to a London photo shoot
All images saved on disc
A stunning canvass to remember the day by

Well who wouldn't want to win that lovely bundle.

JoJo sell everything you need for children aged 0-5. From beautiful clothes to things for the nursery. They also sell a gorgeous range of maternity clothes too. 

Both girls have their fingers and toes crossed and so do Mummy and Daddy. Please help them to win by voting!

Many thanks

Karen x

Friday, 24 February 2012

55/366 - Ive Lost My Laptop

Poppy loves Mummy's laptop almost as much as Daddy's ipad. She has also discovered Milkshake on-line and loves it:

Its great our children are able to use these things early but if I'm honest I cant say I am too happy about sharing it.

Karen x

Pretty Little Things - Footwear

Now I love shoes but I managed to resist all the gorgeous little baby ones and keep my little girls bare foot until they were able to walk properly. Apparently this is best!

Little Rosie didn't get her first pair until she was around 15 months.  She was able to walk long before this. I  just could not find the perfect pair so had to limit her to walking inside.

Eventually I did find some and I was really pleased with them:

These are not just any shoes. They are barefeet ones.  by Livie and Luca. Not only are they gorgeous, light, soft and flexible, they are also the next best thing to having bare feet!

As you can see Rosie loved them and couldn't wait to get and play:

Since then we have gone on to buy more for both girls:

They are totally gorgeous and the girls love them. They come in a range of bright funky colours so look good as well as being better for their feet. Everyone we sees comments on how pretty they are!


Rosie Month By Month

Life goes too quickly and our children grow up fast. Photos are the best way of recording their development so I am going to record mine each month in photos. 

Its work in progress and I have started with Rosie as she is younger but here is what I have done so far:

0 months

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months
6 months

7 months

8 months

9 months
10 months

11 months

12 months

13 months

14 months

15 months

16 months

17 months
18 months
19 months