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Saturday, 31 March 2012

91/366 - Daddy's Girl

Both Girls are loving having their Nanny and Gramps to stay but deep down, Rosie is still a Daddy's Girl:

She loves it when he comes home from work.

Karen x

My Top Tips For A Maternity Wardrobe

For me, pregnancy is a time for embracing your changing body and revelling in your femininity.  It is not a time for covering up in huge outfits or wearing black!! You are not are pregnant.

Most of us don't have huge amounts of money to spend on clothes that are going to be warn for such a short length of time. Therefore I have put together my top tips for a maternity wardrobe.

  • Buy a decent pair of jeans that fit from the start. These should carry you all the way through and stretch with your growing body. This time round I brought a pair of gorgeous skinny ones from Next. Don't buy big to grow into or they will always fall down and irritate you.
  • Legging are also great. They can be very comfy and flattering. You can also wear them under dresses. I have these Navy ones.
  • Don't spend a fortune on maternity tops at the start. Until you have a big bump, they can be quite unflattering. Normal stretchy T-shirts can grow with you, be more flattering and can be worn after too.  I have a range of cheap Primark ones in lots of pretty, bright colours. If I mix them with more expensive skirts and trousers they don't look cheap at all
  • For me dresses and skirts are the most comfy but then I have Summer babies so am lucky to be able to get away with them. A good denim skirt would be one of my favourite must haves. It will carry you through all seasons.
  • Get measured and treat yourself to some good fitting maternity underwear. It will make you feel much better about yourself.
  • Recycle - I am lucky enough to have a Sister so we have been able to share our maternity wardrobe and add to it each time. Between us we have had 4 babies and I am now pregnant again so the wardrobe is definitely getting bigger.

So there you go, treat yourself to a few basics and they will see you all the way through. Pretty colours will make you feel feminine and girly and showing the shape of your bump makes you look pregnant rather than fat.

Hope this helps and enjoy your pregnancy, I know I am enjoying mine!

Karen x

Friday, 30 March 2012

90/366 - Rosie Bakes

Today we went off to visit my grandma and other members of the family. We decided to take them all a lovely pressie of home made muffins which we loving wrapped up in cellophane and ribbon. Unfortunately we accidentally left them at home...whoops, that's my baby brain again!

Rosie had great fun baking and wanted to do it all by herself. She is a cheeky one!

Karen x

Dilemma Of A Pram Snob

I'm having a bit of a dilemma and could do with some advice.

I already have a Bugaboo Cameleon and love it. It was brought for us almost 4 years ago and has been used for both Poppy and Rosie. I have written a review about it previously.

However, after Rosie grew out of her infant carrier Husband got rid of it as we were not planning on having any more children. It was a Peg Perego one brought in Canada where we were living when Poppy was born. The choices were very limited living out there but we brought the best we could find and were happy with it.

We then changed our mind and decided we would like one more child. Now with baby number three due in July, we have to decide which car seat to get and whether we will be able to use it with our beloved Bugaboo or will we need another travel system (Husband already panicking about this).

Car safety is very important to me and both girls currently have Britax car seats. I would really love one of the infant carriers that go completely flat like the Britax and Stokke ones.

These would be perfect but neither attaches to our pram. Should it matter? I cant decide.

Maxi Cosi can be used with the Bugaboo but I have heard very mixed reviews about these and am not convinced it is the one for us.

The thing is after having a Bugaboo I can't help it but I am a bit of a pram snob. My favourites being the Bugaboo and Stokke Xplory... also the most expensive ones.

What do you all have? Do you have travel systems or did you not bother and are you happy with your choices? All advice would be welcomed!

Many thanks.

Karen x

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Baby Chicks Go To School

I mentioned in my project 366 post today that Poppy has had some baby chicks in her classroom this week and has been learning all about them. They were only born on Monday so as you can imagine all the children have been very excited and very keen to learn all about them.

Today we were invited to the School to meet them officially and see for ourselves what the children have learnt:

It was very cute, I even got to hold one myself...Butterfly, the most nervous of them all. Rosie has seem them every day but was fascinated when they got them out on the carpet. She kept trying to grab them.

The children told us all about what they had learnt, they had even made special chick masks and wings. Then they did a special song. It was all very cute. Here are a few pictures I took:

It was lovely to see them all so keen and excited.

The chicks go back home tomorrow and are going to live happily ever after in their owners garden.

Karen x

89/366 - Cute Chicks

This week Poppy has really enjoyed having 4 gorgeous little chicks in her classroom. This one is Sunshine, named by the children:

Each day she has come home all excited, telling me all about them and what she has learnt that day. Yesterday she came home with 4 little photos , each of her holding them with a big smile on her face.

Today Gramp's, Rosie and I are off to join her for a chick party at the School. We have no idea what it involves but guess we will be told all about what they have learnt. Its quite exciting really.

Karen x

Gorgeous and Protective Swimsuits From Babies In Sheep's Clothing

As parents we all know the importance of protecting our children against the sun rays. Their delicate skin can burn five times more quickly than our own. I was therefore really excited to be asked to review some new Little Red Fish Swimwear from Babies in Sheep's Clothing.

I didn't have any idea of what to expect. All I knew was that they were sourced and produced in New Zealand and would have sun protection  UPF 50+.

As soon as they arrived I was excited. They were presented in gorgeous little boxes and all wrapped up in tissue paper so would be perfect for presents. The girls were equally delighted and kept asking when we were going swimming:

There's a whole range including tops and bottoms, all in one short suits and swimming costumes to choose from.

Rosie was sent the red/white striped classic bather in age 2-4 whilst Poppy was sent the blue/white striped halter bather in aged 4-6.  The sizes are very generous and will last for a long least two Summers I would have thought. Both retail at 44.99 each.


I have to tell you these costumes are absolutely gorgeous! We love the old fashion design with a modern twist. They feel really expensive: they are very soft and quite a thick material. For my little girls who suffer from sensitive skin, there is no way these swimsuits would scratch their delicate skin at all.

We took the girls swimming to test them out properly. The girls thought they were wonderful. They told me they were really comfortable and soft and I  can tell you that their costumes did not go see through in anyway.  We weren't allowed to take pictures at the pool though.

You are supposed to hand wash after swimming - I put these on a hand wash cycle in my washing machine and they have come up lovely.

I feel good knowing these costumes are protecting my daughters from the suns harmful rays. At the same time they look pretty cool too:

I think you can tell from the girls smiles how much they love them. They get a huge thumbs up from us and we cant wait to go swimming again:

For more information and more beautiful things, check out:

You wont be disappointed!

Karen x

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

88/366 - Who Do They Love More?

My Dad has come to stay for a week and the girls adore him. However, they also love his ipad which has even more games on for them than Daddy's does.  This was them this afternoon:

They love their Gramps so I am sure we will have lots more photos to post!

Karen x

The Gallery - Extreme Close Ups

This weeks subject over at the gallery is extreme close ups. Now I thought long and hard about this topic and thought I could use a close up of a flower, or one of the girls eyes, maybe one of their old photos of their feet. I even thought about taking a close up of my bump!

Then  I remembered this photo I took recently of Poppy:

We had been messing around taking photos of us close up on my mobile. She thought it was hilarious as we kept missing off parts of our heads etc. Eventually I took this one of her and really liked it.

For more extreme close ups check out Sticky Fingers:

Karen x

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

87/366 - We Like Chocolate!

Tonight Husband came home with this lovely box of Thornton's chocolates as a special treat:

After a pretty bad day it was a lovely surprise and the girls thought so too.

Karen x

My Bump Diary - 23 Weeks Pregnant

23 weeks already and this pregnancy is really flying by.

This week my baby is apparently the size of a pomegranate. I don't know what you think but three weeks ago she was the size of a cantaloupe melon. I'm therefore not sure how much I trust the comparison. Anyway she is supposed to measure more than 11 inches long and weigh just over a pound, so she is definitely growing.

My baby can swallow now and blood vessels in her lungs are developing to prepare for her breathing. Husband and I can feel her moving and squirming about more and more frequently now and she really is a bit of a wriggler. She always wiggles when he puts his head on my tummy and when he talks to her too. Its really sweet and reminds me how he did this with both the girls.

I am actually  feeling great! My mood has improved massively since Rosie has been walking on the School run again. My back ache has gone too which is wonderful.

I do have a bit of itchy skin again though which gets worse during the evening so have to keep the moisturiser  close by. Its all over my body but nowhere near as bad as it was with the girls.

I took  a picture of my bump yesterday and here it is:

I have popped out a bit this week but I don't think i'm looking too huge really. I do have a very funny bump though. In the morning its hardly there but by the evening I look like i'm ready to drop, then I wake up and its disappeared again....I don't remember feeling like this with the girls.

Anyway,I cant believe I am almost 6 months pregnant. I cant wait to meet my baby girl and see what or who she looks like. I keep wondering if she will have dark hair like the girls both did and what sort of baby she will be. Its all so exciting. At the start I was a little worried it wouldn't be as exciting 3rd time round but it definitely is.

I am still absolutely terrified about the birth bit though, so trying not to think about it too much.

I have brought a book and have started to prepare Rosie for her arrival. I think she is starting to understand and she asks for the book several times a day. She has stopped looking up her top when we talk about the baby now but sometimes pulls at mine. Poppy is just very excited and keeps asking is she can hold her, kiss her and help look after her.

All in all I am happy to be having a pretty healthy and easy pregnancy. Fingers crossed it stays like this.

Karen x

Monday, 26 March 2012

86/366 - Daffodils and Spring Time

Spring is here, the weather is warming up and I am feeling happy! What better way to show how I feel then post this photo I took this evening:

Daffodils always make me smile, no matter how grumpy I am feeling!

Karen x

Thinking Slimmer Whilst Pregnant Update

Having lost a stone and a dress size  with Thinking Slimmer before getting pregnant I wanted to make sure I didn't pile on the weight once pregnant. I therefore spoke with Sandra and we decided I would switch slimpod from the drop 2 Jean sizes to the maintain your weight one - to try and help me stay healthy throughout my pregnancy.

I am now 23 weeks pregnant with baby number 3 and am feeling great!

I listen to my slimpod approximately 2-3x a week and find it has helped me to:
  • Relax and enjoy a good nights sleep
  • Not slip back into old eating habits
  • Not pile on lots of excess weight not baby/pregnancy related
  • Eat a pretty healthy, sensible diet

This was never about losing weight...that would be both silly and irresponsible,.

I am just trying to  stay as healthy as possible for both my baby and myself. and  wanted to prevent slipping back into old eating habits and piling on excess weight that would be hard to shift once this baby pops out! I must admit, I think I might be on the right track.

This is me today at 23 weeks (I have popped out a bit in the past week):

I think you can see the weight is around my tummy where it should be rather than on my legs and bottom!

I am currently eating 3 meals a day plus one snack around 3pm. I always start the day with cereal and am eating plenty of fresh fruit too. I would be lying if I said I haven't eaten any junk but I have not gone mad. I definitely haven't been eating for two.

I think my slimpod has helped me:

  • Want to eat a well balanced, healthy diet,
  • therefore preventing serious food cravings as not missing valuable nutrients
  • Have little sickness
  • Not pig out or over indulge too much
  • Feel good because I am not putting on huge amounts of weight

I have only had 3 weeks of feeling sick during this pregnancy and during that time did crave a few naughty things like sweets and salt and vinegar crisps. I just went with it though, as was feeling awful. Since those few weeks past though, I have  been feeling really good and have eaten much, much better.

I am definitely not worried about losing the weight afterwards either, I will just switch back to my old slimpod and know I don't need to worry or focus on my diet.  This will be particularly good as I am hoping to breast feed again and don't want to have to watch what I am eating. The slimpod makes you chose healthy options, smaller portions without thinking about it.

I am not weighing myself each week but I know what I weighed at the start and will see what I weigh at the end. I never wanted to become obsessed about weight I said, it was about more than that.

For me Thinking Slimmer is helping me to stay healthy throughout this pregnancy and I am feeling great.

Karen x

My Week That Was...

Another week has gone and Spring is officially here. The weather has improved and we have all been enjoying it.

Monday - was a bit of a quiet one. Usual day at home with Rosie but also started to sort through some of the baby stuff...very exciting!

Tuesday - Toddler group at the School. It is working really well with Poppy staying for lunch, everyone is happier and a little less tired.

Wednesday - Was supposed to be going to a toddler group but Husband had the car so couldn't go ;-(. the weather was lovely though so Rosie got to play outside.

Thursday - a trip to Sainsburys this morning reminded me why I usually have it delivered. I seemed to run round all day and it was a busy hectic one.

Friday - Usual music group this morning and then this afternoon my friend from uni came to stay :-).  I haven't seen her in years and she had not yet met the girls so it was lovely. Husband came home from work early so whilst he looked after the girls I took her her out for a quick walk around to show her around the village.  The girls took to her straight away, especially as she brought them some gorgeous presents.

Saturday - The weather was lovely so after Poppy's ballet lesson we headed off to the beach for a picnic! It was great to be out in the fresh air and the girls really enjoyed splashing around. They loved having Nics to stay, especially Poppy who got so wet chasing her around, she stripped off to her knickers! Luckily Nics had a spare top so we made it into a dress for her. I got a bit burnt on one arm but it had faded by the next day. I also enjoyed the 99 ice cream we had in the park!

Sunday - Nicky had to go home today and we were all sorry to see her go. To cheer ourselves up we headed off to the pool which was great fun. It was then a quick lunch stop before we had to get home because Husband had to go to work. We won't see him until Tuesday now :-(

Here's our week in pictures:

Hope you all enjoyed a lovely week too.

Karen x

Sunday, 25 March 2012

85/366 - Going Swimming

We had to say goodbye to Nicky today and as we were up and out we decided to go swimming. Here's the girls as I was getting them ready at home:

They are lucky enough to be trialling these gorgeous new swimsuits and I think they look adorable.

Karen x

Fun With Friends

This weekend Nicky, one of my very old friends and house mate from Uni came to stay. We haven't seen each other since just before I went to live in Canada almost five years ago but have kept in touch via the phone and emails. 

Obviously since then, a lot has changed, the biggest thing being I am a Mummy now.

Nicky has never met my girls before but they were really excited about meeting her and took to her straight away. She was brilliant with them. Since she has left they have been asking about her non-stop.

We were really lucky the weather was so good, so headed to the beach where we enjoyed a lovely picnic.  Poppy especially loved splashing around in the water and even ended up in her knickers as everything got so wet! Lucky enough Nics had been wearing layers so she leant Poppy her T-shirt which we tied in a knot at the back and I had a pair of clean tights in my bag so she didn't get cold.

We enjoyed a lovely weekend with her which went way to quickly so I wanted to share some photos:

I think Nicky will tell you I haven't changed that much, I might be  a bit older but i'm  just as dizzy. I demonstrated this by showing how:
  • Having sun tan lotion in bag is not good enough, you have to remember to put it on
  • Mums still need to carry wet wipes even when  children are toilet trained, especially at the beach
  • Children need either layers or clean outfits for such trips
It was a good practice run to prepare for a Summer at the Beach.

Now five years is obviously far too long so we have promised not to leave it so long next time.

Karen x

Saturday, 24 March 2012

84/366 - Fun At The Beach

We are loving the gorgeous weather today and headed off to the beach to enjoy it.:

We have my old friend from Uni staying with us this weekend so it was really good to be able to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

Karen x

Thursday, 22 March 2012

82/ 366 - Pretending To Be Mummy

Okay so I realise posting this picture could be controversial but its my innocent 3 year old pretending to be me. She took a soft ball and shoved it up her PJ top saying "look Mummy, I look like you now".

Its a bit scary to think that one day she will grow up and possibly have children of her own.

Karen x

Weetabix With Golden Syrup - Far Too Sweet For Us

Breakfast in our house like many houses is usually cereal and /or toast/fruit and I must admit the girls favourite has to be Weetabix. I was therefore quite excited to be asked to try out the new Golden Syrup flavoured one:

It looks like regular Weetabix but is baked with golden syrup. Sounds delicious but naughty,  I thought. Then they told me it had half the sugar of other sweetened breakfast cereals so I thought we would give it a go.

Unfortunately for us it was far too sweet. I even gave some to Poppy (aged 3 1/2) and she couldn't eat it asking for a banana instead. It's not the sort of thing I would usually let her eat, I  would worry it would rot her teeth.

We still love the original Weetabix though and enjoy experimenting with toppings like fresh fruit and yoghurt.  I think a little drizzle of golden syrup on top with some sliced banana would be much nicer.

Sorry Weetabix, i'ts not for us but thank you for letting us try it out anyway.

Karen x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

81/366 - My 22 Week Bump

This is me at 22 and a half  weeks pregnant with baby number 3:

Even though I feel like a whale, I'm not that big at all really!

Karen x

The Gallery - Colour

This weeks Gallery topic is colour which as always is a title which is open to interpretation.

For me, I had to write about the colour pink.

A very pink and fluffy person myself I have been feeling as though our home does not reflect my personality. I guess I have been keeping it a bit more neutral for Husbands sake. Well since finding out we are expecting our 3rd little girl I have been sneaking more and more pink in to the house.

It started with some some new crockery and casserole dishes:

Then it was a sneaky cushion:

Then a few photo frames:

And of course bump needed some new dresses:

Luckily Husband tells me he doesn't mind too much as long as I don't go too mad and spend a fortune.

For more colours and interpretations of this topic, check out the gallery fr yourself.

.Karen x

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

80/366 - My Girls

This was the girls arriving home this afternoon. These days the School run is so much more pleasurable now Rosie is walking again...but she needs a big rest when she gets home.

Karen x

My Bump Diary - 22 Weeks Pregnant

Wow 22 weeks already! Where has the time gone?

Weighing almost a pound by now, my baby is about the size of a papaya.

She is also fully formed, looking just like a miniature version of what she will do when we meet her. Her lips, eyelids and eye lashes are more distinct and she's even developing tiny tooth buds under her gums.

and me...I feel absolutely fabulous! I have more energy then I have had in a while, although growing I am not huge and I am able to eat properly again. My skin feels pretty good, only the occasional itchiness, so overall I am feeling great.

I do have a bit of a bump and my boobs are huge but I am smaller than I was with Rosie at this time. I am hoping that this little one will be smaller than the other two but know its unlikely. They were both over due though so hoping this one comes a few weeks early.

I did read something that scared me the other day about how the 3rd labour is supposed to be the worst!!  I had such a horrible time with Rosie that I am terrified about going through it all again, part of me wishes that I could just book in for a caesarian. I have been watching One Born Every Minute but its really not helping....I am really scared!

We have been thinking about names in this house a lot and the girls have been putting in their suggestions. Poppy really likes Jasmine (as in Princess Jasmine from Aladdin), Rosie likes Ella but both really think Apple is a cool name. (for the record we don't). We have therefore nick named her Apple whilst she is in my tummy but this is in no way going to be her real name.

Little Miss Apple was brought her first presents this week:

Both Poppy and Rosie had these little nighties and they are fantastic in the early days. I cant wait to see the new one in hers. The little baby grow is gorgeous soft!

I  went shopping too and treated her to a few things myself . I also brought three lmost matching dresses for all the girls:

I cant wait to get all the pretty little dresses out again. I am so excited. Watch this space to see her little wardrobe grow!

Karen x

Monday, 19 March 2012

79/366 - Winding Down....Honestly!

Usually after their bath, the girls are relaxed and ready to cuddle up quietly for story time....not tonight though. They were full of beans:

Trying to get a photo of them was almost impossible, they wouldn't sit still. Luckily they are both in bed, fast asleep now though.

Karen x

My Week That was....

Wow another week has sped past and we are now half way through March. I know I say it every week but this year is going so quickly.

Monday  - Poppy went off to Preschool today all excited in her new Summer dress. I cant remember much else about this day so it couldn't have been that interesting!

Tuesday - Rosie and I enjoyed a lovely lazy morning at home whilst Poppy was at Preschool. Then we went down to join her for the toddler group where we all enjoyed ourselves. Due to my increasing back ache and struggle with the School run, Poppy had a packed lunch rather than coming home in between. This worked really well.

Wednesday - Still without a car we couldn't do a lot but Rosie and I enjoyed a lovely morning at home. She had me singing and playing, reading stories and helping her dress up.

Thursday - Husband managed to pick the car up today  so we decided to go to my parents tomorrow for the weekend. I was really excited as not seen them in absolutely ages. Poppy and I also made some more of our lovely chocolates and gift wrapped them in a box for Grandma for Mothers Day.

Friday -  We went to our usual music group in the morning which was great fun. Then about 4ish headed off to Nanny and Gramps for the weekend. My Nana was there too so it was a full house but lovely to see everyone.

Saturday - I got to go shopping!! It was lovely. Husband and I got to leave the girls and go into town for  a bit. We had recently been given a bit of money to treat the girls and I also wanted to buy the new baby something. I managed to buy lots including almost matching dresses for all three cute:

They are going to look adorable!

Sunday - was Mothers Day. It was so lovely to spend it with both my Mum and my Nana. Mum was thrilled with her Family photos frame we had made her . She also got sent some yummy Thorntons chocolates  form Find Me A Gift in return for a post I had written about her. We helped make a small dent in the huge box she received.

I was thrilled to receive all of these:

The girls really enjoyed being able to play in Nanny and Gramp's garden and tree house, whilst Husband and I planted a new Plum and apple tree for my parents. They already have a pear tree so it will be lovely when they have grown.

It really  was a relaxing, enjoyable weekend and we  all enjoyed a delicious roast diner before heading back.

A lovely end to the week.

Karen x