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Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Place I mostly Blog From

I  have been tagged by the lovely Helen over at The Crazy Kitchen to reveal my Blogplatz, the place I blog from most. Well I couldn't wait to join in with this one.

It has to be the living room. I love this room (except the carpets). It is pretty large and spacious and since we changed the Dinning room into a Toy room is mostly clutter free. A few toys do creep in throughout the day but when Rosie goes down for a nap at lunch time, I whiz around and plonk everything back in there again.

I mostly blog in the evenings when the girls are in bed. But I sometimes do a little when Rosie is down for her nap. Monday and Wednesday's Poppy is at School then anyway, so I sit quietly with a cup of coffee and enjoy the peace but only after cleaning up.

The other days Poppy and I tend to have a bit of quiet time after lunch for about an hour.  She likes to watch some cartoons and will sometimes bring in something to play with and sit on the rug with it. I might do a little blogging and check my emails. After that hour she tends to perk up and get fidgety so then I put the laptop away and we play!

Now this house is not ours, it comes with my Husbands job but look.....I love the view from this window. It is gorgeous and very relaxing. At times it can even provide the inspiration I need when I am stuck for what to write:

So there you have it, the place I blog from most. The question is though ..... Slattern or Saint?

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