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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Ballet shoes and ball pits

Its Saturday Morning again and Poppy has baby ballet.  Oh dear, had a few glasses of wine last night so this morning had very heavy eyes and a fuzzy head when I got up to take her there.  Who's silly idea was it to take her to lessons at 9.30am on Saturday morning?

She does look very cute in her little outfit trying desperately to copy her teacher Miss Joleen.  The Mums all have to wait outside peeping in through the glass windows.  We decided that the standard of ballet wasn't that high and it was more for us Mums engaging in our pink girlishness.  

Ballet at this age is more like a fashion show, they look adorable in fluffy visions of pink tutus! If you are looking for children's ballet stuff then I brought Poppy's from clothes are gorgeous, were delivered quickly and were very reasonable. We will definitely be buying more from there!

 While us Mummy's were all chatting, the conversation came up around our little darlings and the time they get up in the morning.  Some Mums were saying they start their day around 5.30am... as previously mentioned I need my sleep so I could never cope with that and thank goodness I don't have to.  This is one problem we have never had and I will share my secrets with you.  From the start we taught our girls to sleep using the Baby Whisperer techniques but as soon as Poppy progressed to a bed at 16 months we brought her a gro Clock.  If you have never heard of these its worth looking.  They might seem to be priced a little sleep at around thirty pounds but believe me it is worth it!  It took around 3 -4 nights of putting Poppy back to bed and wiping away the tears when she first got it, but she soon got the idea.  We have the alarm set for 7.30am and even if she gets up for a wee and goes back to bed at 7.20am, she will happily stay in her room until the clock is yellow.  Its amazing!! 

As Daddy is home for the weekend (he's been working away for a few weeks), we decided to have a family day out and take the girls to a soft play centre.  Excellent fun.  Poppy ran around with the other children saying "catch me if you can" and "hello boy, i'm Poppy".  Although there was one incident when some older girls wouldn't let her cross the bridge and even tried to push her!  I was desperate to go up to them and tell them off but held back to see how she handled herself.  She was a little unsure and in the end crawled under the girls legs to get across.  This is a tricky area.  Are you allowed to tell other children off?  What do others think?  some of the parents there just let their children go wild and don't even watch them.  One guy, the father of the girls mentioned above, just sat reading a book at the table furthest away from his girls.  He didn't have a clue what they were up to.  Poppy had great fun though and that is what mattered!

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