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My Pregnancy & Diary

I am really excited to be pregnant again and am due to have baby number three (another little girl) around 22nd July 2012.

I am thrilled to be having another baby as being a Mum is the best thing I have ever done. However, I am also a little nervous about the whole giving birth thing again, how tiring having another baby with a 2 year old and a 4 year old will be and how you manage three children with only one pair of hands.

Luckily for me I have had a relatively easy pregnancy so far. I have been fortunate to have had little sickness and only a little tiredness/ queasiness. I am hoping this continues.

I have also been able to feel the baby move since 11 weeks. I thought it was a bit early so looked it up on the internet and apparently its quite common to feel 3rd baby this early. Its a bit of a wriggler!

So for now, I will be updating my diary each week and writing on things that crop up and matter to me.

Feel free to follow my journey. I will be recording how I am feeling, how the bump is growing, any concerns or worries as well as things like the gender and what the girls think about it all.

Happy reading.

Karen x

11th April - 25 Weeks and Itchiness At A New Extreme

25 weeks already, I say it every week but this pregnancy really is going very quickly.

This week our baby is the size of an aubergine:

Head to heel she measures around 13 1/2 inches and weighs approximately a pound and a half. She is starting to put on a bit of fat now and might even have some hair. Both girls had a good amount of dark hair when born so i'm wondering if this one will too.

I am still feeling really good. I have actually asked Husband to take some photos of me over the next few weeks. I don't really have that many of me pregnant with the girls and this is going to be the last time i'm pregnant so thought it would be nice to have a few. I have found a few websites and got some ideas for some nice poses so fingers crossed they turn out ok.

The only complaint I have is the continued itchiness I have been suffering from. Its gone to another extreme this week. I have a midwife appointment on Friday so will mention it to her then. I have no rash like I did with the girls but it starts off feeling as though I have creepy crawlies crawling all over me and then my skin starts to burn and actually feels hot to touch... Not nice at all. Luckily moisturiser does sooth it but  it is a bit worrying. Its worse during the evening and especially on the tops of my feet.

Apart from that I am eating and drinking well and trying my best to look after myself.  I am putting my feet up when the girls are in bed and do generally feel pretty good. This is surprising really as I have a lot going on at the moment and am trying to stay very calm and relaxed for our baby's sake.

Due to Husbands job we are due to move in the Summer but I have no idea where or when we are moving and where I will be having our baby girl. I am hoping we will know more soon so I can start organising myself. She is due the end of July so time is moving on.

The girls are really excited about meeting their little Sister and I really think Rosie is starting to get it too. Obviously she will not understand the impact of a baby Sister on the family dynamics but she seems to understand we are having a new baby. At the weekend we went swimming and she saw several babies...she said "baby" and then pointed to my tummy. We do read a book every night and several times a day so I think that's been helping.

All in all a good week!

Karen x

11th April - Terrible Baby Brain

When I was pregnant with Poppy I remember seeing on This Morning that when a women is pregnant her brain shrinks to the size of a man's. I thought this was very funny at the time,  although Husband didn't and neither did any of our male friends.

With Rosie I think it shrank a bit more and now pregnant with baby number 3 I seem to have acquired  the memory of a goldfish! Honestly I can barely remember a thing.

I went through a stage of putting things in the oven and forgetting about them, although thankfully this has stopped. I remember serving up a rice pudding to the girls one day at about 14 weeks (usually their favourite) and Poppy looked at it asking me what it was...whoops.

Husband also came home from work one Friday night with pizzas as a treat, they were fresh ones that needed only 5 minutes in the oven...15 minutes later they were burnt to a crisp. Husband tried really hard to not look disappointed and attempted to eat it but it was no use.

Recently I took my Dad to visit his Mum when he came to stay. He was giving me directions and each time he said next left...or right I would get there and say "sorry was that left?" was a long journey!

So my question is will my brain ever return to normal or am I destined to have a memory like this for ever?


Karen x

 3rd April - 24 Weeks and Have Sorted Out The baby Clothes

Wow 24 weeks already (or 6 months), how time flies.

I feel as if I have reached a huge milestone as this week my little girl is more likely to survive if born now. She would probably need specialist care but its a huge relief to get this far.

My baby is now the size of a grapefruit, that's approximately 30cm crown to rump and roughly 12.7 oz.

She is now apparently well developed and formed although her skin is still very thin and fragile. Her tastebuds are fully developed though and her tiny finger and footprints are continuing to form.

My bump is continuing to grow too. I am still eating pretty healthy. I am also making sure I drink lots of water/juice and am still taking my vitamins.

My skin is still a bit itchy but moisturising helps. I have noticed I have had really itchy feet this week. Quite strange! I am going to get it checked out at my appointment next week. I still don't have any stretch marks so hoping I get away without having any again.

I am a bit more tired this week but that's a combination of having  to get up and wee a few times a night and the girls have had colds so been unsettled too. I cant blame it all on this little monkey.
We haven't settled on a name yet but have a few up our sleeve, even Poppy and Rosie have had their say.

Poppy and I had great fun this week sorting out the baby clothes. I was amazed how much I still had after giving quite a bit away to my Sister-In-Law a while back. Obviously I kept all my favourite bits and there are a few new pieces in there too. She actually doesn't need anything else.

Amongst other things, this little girl already has 16 pretty little dresses, 
washed and ready to wear! 

I am getting quite excited now and cant wait to meet her. The girls are too.  Poppy especially, tells me she is going to be a great big Sister and help me look after her.

All in all feeling good.

Karen x

31st March - My Top Tips For A Maternity Wardrobe

For me, pregnancy is a time for embracing your changing body and revelling in your femininity.  It is not a time for covering up in huge outfits or wearing black!! You are not are pregnant.

Most of us don't have huge amounts of money to spend on clothes that are going to be warn for such a short length of time. Therefore I have put together my top tips for a maternity wardrobe.

  • Buy a decent pair of jeans that fit from the start. These should carry you all the way through and stretch with your growing body. This time round I brought a pair of gorgeous skinny ones from Next. Don't buy big to grow into or they will always fall down and irritate you.
  • Legging are also great. They can be very comfy and flattering. You can also wear them under dresses. I have these Navy ones.
  • Don't spend a fortune on maternity tops at the start. Until you have a big bump, they can be quite unflattering. Normal stretchy T-shirts can grow with you, be more flattering and can be worn after too.  I have a range of cheap Primark ones in lots of pretty, bright colours. If I mix them with more expensive skirts and trousers they don't look cheap at all
  • For me dresses and skirts are the most comfy but then I have Summer babies so am lucky to be able to get away with them. A good denim skirt would be one of my favourite must haves. It will carry you through all seasons.
  • Get measured and treat yourself to some good fitting maternity underwear. It will make you feel much better about yourself.
  • Recycle - I am lucky enough to have a Sister so we have been able to share our maternity wardrobe and add to it each time. Between us we have had 4 babies and I am now pregnant again so the wardrobe is definitely getting bigger.

So there you go, treat yourself to a few basics and they will see you all the way through. Pretty colours will make you feel feminine and girly and showing the shape of your bump makes you look pregnant rather than fat.

Hope this helps and enjoy your pregnancy, I know I am enjoying mine!

Karen x

27th March - 23 Weeks and Feeling Fab

23 weeks already and this pregnancy is really flying by.

This week my baby is apparently the size of a pomegranate. I don't know what you think but three weeks ago she was the size of a cantaloupe melon. I'm therefore not sure how much I trust the comparison. Anyway she is supposed to measure more than 11 inches long and weigh just over a pound, so she is definitely growing.

My baby can swallow now and blood vessels in her lungs are developing to prepare for her breathing. Husband and I can feel her moving and squirming about more and more frequently now and she really is a bit of a wriggler. She always wiggles when he puts his head on my tummy and when he talks to her too. Its really sweet and reminds me how he did this with both the girls.

I am actually  feeling great! My mood has improved massively since Rosie has been walking on the School run again. My back ache has gone too which is wonderful.

I do have a bit of itchy skin again though which gets worse during the evening so have to keep the moisturiser  close by. Its all over my body but nowhere near as bad as it was with the girls.

I took  a picture of my bump yesterday and here it is:

I have popped out a bit this week but I don't think i'm looking too huge really. I do have a very funny bump though. In the morning its hardly there but by the evening I look like i'm ready to drop, then I wake up and its disappeared again....I don't remember feeling like this with the girls.

Anyway,I cant believe I am almost 6 months pregnant. I cant wait to meet my baby girl and see what or who she looks like. I keep wondering if she will have dark hair like the girls both did and what sort of baby she will be. Its all so exciting. At the start I was a little worried it wouldn't be as exciting 3rd time round but it definitely is.

I am still absolutely terrified about the birth bit though, so trying not to think about it too much.

I have brought a book and have started to prepare Rosie for her arrival. I think she is starting to understand and she asks for the book several times a day. She has stopped looking up her top when we talk about the baby now but sometimes pulls at mine. Poppy is just very excited and keeps asking is she can hold her, kiss her and help look after her.

All in all I am happy to be having a pretty healthy and easy pregnancy. Fingers crossed it stays like this.

Karen x

26th March -  Thinking Slimmer Whilst Pregnant

Having lost a stone and a dress size  with Thinking Slimmer before getting pregnant I wanted to make sure I didn't pile on the weight once pregnant. I therefore spoke with Sandra and we decided I would switch slimpod from the drop 2 Jean sizes to the maintain your weight one - to try and help me stay healthy throughout my pregnancy.

I am now 23 weeks pregnant with baby number 3 and am feeling great!

I listen to my slimpod approximately 2-3x a week and find it has helped me to:
  • Relax and enjoy a good nights sleep
  • Not slip back into old eating habits
  • Not pile on lots of excess weight not baby/pregnancy related
  • Eat a pretty healthy, sensible diet

This was never about losing weight...that would be both silly and irresponsible,.

I am just trying to  stay as healthy as possible for both my baby and myself. and  wanted to prevent slipping back into old eating habits and piling on excess weight that would be hard to shift once this baby pops out! I must admit, I think I might be on the right track.

This is me today at 23 weeks (I have popped out a bit in the past week):

I think you can see the weight is around my tummy where it should be rather than on my legs and bottom!

I am currently eating 3 meals a day plus one snack around 3pm. I always start the day with cereal and am eating plenty of fresh fruit too. I would be lying if I said I haven't eaten any junk but I have not gone mad. I definitely haven't been eating for two.

I think my slimpod has helped me:

  • Want to eat a well balanced, healthy diet,
  • therefore preventing serious food cravings as not missing valuable nutrients
  • Have little sickness
  • Not pig out or over indulge too much
  • Feel good because I am not putting on huge amounts of weight

I have only had 3 weeks of feeling sick during this pregnancy and during that time did crave a few naughty things like sweets and salt and vinegar crisps. I just went with it though, as was feeling awful. Since those few weeks past though, I have  been feeling really good and have eaten much, much better.

I am definitely not worried about losing the weight afterwards either, I will just switch back to my old slimpod and know I don't need to worry or focus on my diet.  This will be particularly good as I am hoping to breast feed again and don't want to have to watch what I am eating. The slimpod makes you chose healthy options, smaller portions without thinking about it.

I am not weighing myself each week but I know what I weighed at the start and will see what I weigh at the end. I never wanted to become obsessed about weight I said, it was about more than that.

For me Thinking Slimmer is helping me to stay healthy throughout this pregnancy and I am feeling great.

Karen x

21st March - My 22 Week Bump

This is me at 22 and a half  weeks pregnant with baby number 3:

Even though I feel like a whale, I'm not that big at all really!

Karen x

20th March - 22 Weeks Pregnant and I've Been Shopping

Wow 22 weeks already! Where has the time gone?

Weighing almost a pound by now, my baby is about the size of a papaya.

She is also fully formed, looking just like a miniature version of what she will do when we meet her. Her lips, eyelids and eye lashes are more distinct and she's even developing tiny tooth buds under her gums.

and me...I feel absolutely fabulous! I have more energy then I have had in a while, although growing I am not huge and I am able to eat properly again. My skin feels pretty good, only the occasional itchiness, so overall I am feeling great.

I do have a bit of a bump and my boobs are huge but I am smaller than I was with Rosie at this time. I am hoping that this little one will be smaller than the other two but know its unlikely. They were both over due though so hoping this one comes a few weeks early.

I did read something that scared me the other day about how the 3rd labour is supposed to be the worst!!  I had such a horrible time with Rosie that I am terrified about going through it all again, part of me wishes that I could just book in for a caesarian. I have been watching One Born Every Minute but its really not helping....I am really scared!

We have been thinking about names in this house a lot and the girls have been putting in their suggestions. Poppy really likes Jasmine (as in Princess Jasmine from Aladdin), Rosie likes Ella but both really think Apple is a cool name. (for the record we don't). We have therefore nick named her Apple whilst she is in my tummy but this is in no way going to be her real name.

Little Miss Apple was brought her first presents this week:

Both Poppy and Rosie had these little nighties and they are fantastic in the early days. I cant wait to see the new one in hers. The little baby grow is gorgeous soft!

I  went shopping too and treated her to a few things myself . I also brought three lmost matching dresses for all the girls:

I cant wait to get all the pretty little dresses out again. I am so excited. Watch this space to see her little wardrobe grow!

Karen x

13th March - 21 Weeks and I Think I might Be Glowing

I cant believe I am 21 weeks already, this pregnancy is flying by.

Last week we had our 20 week scan which was amazing. Despite having two little ones already, you forget how amazing that scan is. Everything is so clear and you can tell your little one is developing and growing as it should. To be able to see the four chambers of the hearts and all the fingers and toes was just wonderful.

We also discovered she is another little girl and am really happy with that. It means everything can be reused and as our house is full of pink and girly things, she will fit right in. I was a bit worried Husband might have been disappointed but he's not at all.  He likes the way little girls are Daddy's girls and like me does not feel the need to try again. Our little family is going to be complete at five!

Since the scan I seem to have popped out a bit and took these photos to show you:

My bump is growing now (not just my boobs!) and I am feeling much more pregnant. Because a lot of people have commented on my lack of a bump I have taken to wearing more fitted tops to show it off a bit.  I think it makes me look more pregnant than fat!

Our baby is now the size of a banana:

Which strangely seems smaller than the melon it was last week but never mind.

She is roughly about 7 inches long and weighs about 10-11 ounces. She already looks like a mini version of what she will do when she is born. All her facial features are formed and hair is growing on her head. She is even acting like a real baby and can suck her thumb or fingers and cute. We saw this on the scan!

So what about me? I actually think I might be glowing a bit. Okay I have recently been doing my hair rather than just tying it back and I might have been using a little make up but I definitely look and feel much brighter.

Apart from one migraine which was pretty bad at the weekend, I have no complaints. I did have to take co-codamal but as I was prescribed these in both previous pregnancies I didn't worry,

I have been eating pretty healthily and generally am feeling really good. My skin is quite clear and I have no itchy red rash or spots as I did with the other girls.

My only trouble is the School run and massive hill I have to walk up, carrying Rosie who refuses to walk it. This is causing me back ache. There's not much I can do but as I get bigger and really cant do it, I will need to drive. For the moment, it is keeping me fit though and I am just about managing.

Karen x

6th March - Pink Or Blue? We Know The Babies Gender

Today we had our 20 week scan and I was thrilled to see how much our baby had grown and developed since the last one. Everything appears to be in the right place and developing as it should, which was great to hear and very reassuring.

We were keen to discover our little ones gender but for much of the scan the little monkey had its legs closed. However, just when I was thinking we might not find out today, they gave a big wiggle and we managed to get a a quick glimpse.

So what will it or blue? 

I am not one for keeping secrets so am happy to share the news and am thrilled to announce its another little girl. Poppy is so excited and shouted out loudly "See, I told you it didn't have a willy"! She has been convinced it was a girl all along ha ha.

We are all happy about it as we love girls and pink in this house. At least we know what we are doing with another girl. Husband thinks he's getting away with being able to recycle, clothes and toys so it will be cheaper but he hasn't thought as far ahead as three weddings!

I thought it might be nice for Husband and I to have a boy but I do think for the girls it would be nice to have another Sister. Three girls will be perfect and I hope they will be close.

It was lovely to see her sucking away on her fingers and moving around, she was a bit of a wriggler. It always amazes me how much detail you can see from the four chambers of the heart to her little fingers and toes. So cute. Its all very exciting and I cant wait to buy her a pretty little dress and meet her .

Only another 20 weeks to go!!

Karen x

6th Mar - 20 Weeks and Scan Later Today

Yeeehhh I am 20 weeks pregnant and therefore halfway through this pregnancy.

Our baby is now the size of a cantaloupe melon so is growing daily. He or she now measures approx 26cm crown to heel and is steadily putting on weight as am I:

Now covered in that slick, white coat of fatty substance called vernix caseosa, he or she  is swallowing more too.

and me....I have been feeling great. I have more energy then I have for a while, I am eating pretty healthily and am generally feeling good. That horrible metallic taste has not reappeared, neither has the heartburn. The itchiness has even stopped so I have no complaints.

The only thing I am struggling with is carrying Rosie around. She has become increasingly clingy and wants to be picked up/ held all the time and that has caused me some back trouble. A bit of pampering helped this weekend though. Husband treated me to a lovely back, neck & shoulder massage as well as a pedicure and it really did the trick. I might have to do it more often.

I have been sleeping well, taking my vitamins and trying to drink lots of water. I have had no cravings but have been fancying sweet things more often than usual. I am starting to show a little now and definitely feel more pregnant. I am also feeling lots of movement.

I am starting to worry about the whole giving birth thing again. Rosie's birth was pretty awful I really don't want to do it again but guess I have no choice. I think its scarier once you have done it once or twice because you know how awful and painful it is. For now I think I should just try not to think about it as I still have a while to go.

We have our 20 week scan later today so will hopefully get to announce if we need to buy pink or blue. Poppy is very excited about it all and is hoping for a girl. I don't mind either way but hope to find out. I just hope everything looks as though its growing as it should and looks healthy. I cant wait to get organised and start buying a few bits.

Karen x

4th March - Making Life Easier With The Sanamama Baby Carrier

I have recently been sent a baby carrier to trial and review and couldn't wait to tell you all about it.

Some of you may have read my post from earlier in the week about how I was struggling being 19 weeks pregnant and carrying my increasingly clingy little girl, up and down the hill on the School run. Well, now at 20 weeks, we have a solution.

The Sanamama baby carrier draws on the wisdom of generations of African mothers. It distributes your babies weight evenly across your back, meaning your hands are free, allowing you get on and get things done whilst your baby feels close to you and secure.

You can use from about four months, or once your little one can fully support his or her own head. and then continue using up to around 3 years. This one is going to get lots of use as I can use it for Rosie for now and then put away for our new one.

It is so easy to put on I can do it by myself. You can either sit them on it or stand them up when they are this age,then  you crouch down in front of them,  slip your arms in and pull them up on your back. It really is simple:

Rosie actually helps me by wrapping her feet around my waist and then I can do the strap up under them. Luckily for me its not tight and very soft around my bump so I can use it quite comfortably for now. 

One of the things I really like about it, is how lightweight it is. Unlike the other one we have (which is too heavy for me to use) there is no metal framework. It means this is very light and when not in use can be folded up small and even put in your handbag. Perfect for this age when they decide they want to walk for a bit.

Rosie is quite happy to use this and cant wait to get in it. However, on the one occasion when she wanted to walk and tried really hard to wiggle out, there was no way she could. It is very secure.

I think you can see that Rosie looks very comfortable and happy in it and I really like it too:

We would definitely recommend to others.

Thank you Sanamama you have made our life much easier and we cannot recommend this product enough!

Karen x

For the record, I was given this baby carrier for the purpose of review but all words and opinions are my own!

27th Feb - 19 Weeks and Cant Stop Cleaning

I am now 19 weeks pregnant so almost halfway there. I am also starting to feel very pregnant.

This week my baby is apparently the size of a mango:

That's approximately 14.2cm and weighing 240g. Pretty impressive! My bump is bigger than a mango though! Honestly I don't know where its come from but I have definitely changed shape in the past few weeks. Maybe I will post a photo next week.

I have been feeling lots of movement and Husband can too. Its mostly in the evening but I guess I am too busy in the day with both girls to think about it.

I have finally given in and ditched my under wire bras and replaced them with some new maternity ones. I managed to get two pretty Hotmilk sets and love them!

It has been a pretty good week and overall I have been feeling pretty fact I have had so much energy, I have not been able to stop cleaning and sorting.  I think the nesting has started really early.

I did over do it one day last week though and it resulted in me aching head to toe and having a mini melt down. I guess my hormones are all over the place, I knew I was being silly but I got myself in a state over mess and no-one listening to me. I guess I need to take it easy sometimes.

I have had some difficulty sleeping.  I can still sleep on my tummy for a while but get uncomfortable and end up swapping to side, then back, then tummy etc. Husband says I have been snoring too but ssshhh don't tell anyone. I guess I had better get used to it as it only gets worse as you get bigger.

I have also had pretty itchy skin all over. I had this with both girls and it got so bad I ended up with lots of  tiny red, sore spots all over my tummy and was prescribed steroid cream. Its not that bad at the moment but hoping it doesn't get as bad as it did with them. I have been using oil and lotions to help with this.

Apart form that everything is great. We find out next week if its a boy or girl and are all very excited. Poppy has her heart set on a little girl and has her names all ready! I just cant wait to know so I can buy him or her a little something and start getting organised.

Karen x

21st Feb - 18 Weeks and Growing

My baby and my bump are growing and now at eighteen weeks the little one is approximately the size of a sweet potato:

That's around 12cm long from crown to rump and weighing approximately 190g.

My body is definitely changing now, much to the amusement of my eldest Poppy. She keeps poking me in the tummy and saying "you've got a little bump" or "you've got a baby in there".  More annoyingly she pokes me in the chest and tells me "you've got boobies"! Its like she has never noticed them before but now she cannot miss them....they are huge!!

Overall I am feeling much better. The queasiness has gone and I am even managing to stay up later in the evening. That horrible taste has also gone thank goodness. It really wasn't nice.

I wouldn't say I am blooming or glowing yet but I am definitely feeling much better so am much happier about that.

On Friday I was lucky enough to hear the baby's heart beat for he first time. I went to the appointment alone whilst Husband stayed and looked after the girls...they get really bored otherwise. I came over all emotional though and wished husband was there. It was so lovely to hear. Very loud and strong and the midwife found it straight away.

I still cannot believe we are having another one really. Poppy is very excited and keeps coming out with new names, Rosie keeps telling me she is a baby and I am starting to get worried about the whole giving birth thing again and how tired I am going to be. Husband is just pretty happy and starting to think we might need a new car!

All in all a happy week.

Karen x

14th Feb - 17 Weeks and Feeling Better At Last

The weeks are whizzing past and I am now 17 weeks pregnant.

My baby is now apparently the size of an onion:

That is about 11 cm long and weighs about 140g. He or she is growing quickly. Their skeleton is still quite ruibbery but will be hardening up soon and they are developing sweat glands.

I am starting to feel much better  now. After three weeks of queasiness, indigestion and that horrible metallic taste in my mouth...I appear to be coming out the other side.

I have found that eating little and often as that helps. The baby really likes cinnamon and raisin bagels with raspberry jam...delicious. Very different to the raw potatoes I craved with Poppy or the Raw carrots and radishes I ate with Rosie.

I have also discovered two products I have reviewed: Water Baby and Lillipops ice pops have helped. Anyway feeling much more human again now so lets hope it continues.

I cannot wait to meet this little munchkin but in the meantime I cannot stop wondering whether it is a boy or a girl. We have a scan 6th March so hope to find out then. Until then I cannot seriously think about names or buy anything. I need to know if we need pink or blue.

I am starting to grow a teeny tiny bump now. You can tell if I am wearing my underwear or lift my top but not when I am wearing clothes. I guess there is plenty of time for that though.

So over all I am feeling much better this week and am happy to be pregnant again.

Karen x

12th February - Water Baby, A Different Way To Take Your Vitamins

At 17 weeks pregnant with baby number three I know how important it is to look after myself and my little one by keeping hydrated and taking my vitamins. However, it is not always easy when you are either vomiting or feeling nauseas.

For the past three weeks I have had overwhelming feelings of queasiness and have been a little sick some mornings too.

Then my Sister Not Yet A Yummy Mummy told me about Water Baby, a product she trialled and continued to use whilst suffering from hyperemesis in her pregnancy, I contacted the Company and luckily for me they offered to send me a weeks to supply to try for myself..

Water Baby looks like a bottle of flavoured water you would find in any Supermarket but its actually formulated for use during preconception , pregnancy and breast feeding. 

Each bottle contains the recommended daily allowance of folic acid (400mcg) and a range of other vitamins including Calcium and Zinc .

It has a lovely citrus taste. Much more pleasant than swallowing a tablet and you can sip it throughout the day if that is all you can manage. It tastes like  a treat rather than the chore taking your folic acid and other vitamins can be.

My supply arrived on a day when I woke up with  a terrible migraine. I vomited first thing and was unable to swallow my vitamin tablet and despite knowing I needed to drink..I couldn't manage much more than a mouthful at a time. Once these arrived I couldn't wait to try them. I found I was able to tolerate a few sips at a time and before I knew it the bottle had gone and I was feeling a little better.

Over the past few days I have looked forward to my bottle a day. I really like this product and will definitely be buying more!

Karen x

10th Feb - Lillipops, Ice Pops For Pregnant Women - A Review

Pregnant? Suffering from heart burn, nausea or dry mouth? Then you should read on.

At 16 weeks pregnant  I have been suffering from feelings of queasiness, that horrible metallic taste in my mouth and indigestion for the past three weeks. Then I heard about Lillipops. These are icepops specially formulated for pregnant women. They have no artificial colours or preservatives and are thought to work in around 70% of cases.

Each multipack contains 20 20ml ice pops in 5 different flavours:

Lime and Vanilla
Lemon and Mint
Grapefruit and Tangerine
Camomile and Orange

The flavours might sound  a bit weird but don't be put off. They are actually quite tasty and refreshing. My favourite has to be the lime and vanilla ones, a flavour I wouldn't normally go for but is actually quite  delicious.

The ice pops do appear to say what they do on the box.   The taste in my mouth disappears for a while being replaced by a fresh one instead. My mouth is left feeling moist and hydrated again and they seem to  alleviate the queasiness for a bit too.  I guess you could say they make me feel quite good so overall they get the thumbs up from me!

The only negative thing is the cost. I feel they are priced much to steeply.  The retail price is  £9.99 a box but they are currently on offer for  £7.30. Even at this price they seem expensive for what they are.

I would love to order a box a week but with a baby on the way do not feel I could justify it. I am not quite sure what is in them to make them so much more expensive than regular ice pops but I think I might have to stick to ordering them when things are really bad or as a treat. I will order them again though.

If you want to try them for your self they are available from Amazon and are very nice.

Just beware, Husbands and children like them too and don't understand if you tell them they are just for you!

Karen x

Please note I was sent one box of  Lillipops for the purpose of this review but all words and opinions are my own.

7th Feb - 16 Weeks and Indigestion and Queasiness Are Driving Me Mad

Wow, 16 weeks already. Its going pretty quickly.

Apparently my baby is now the size of an avocado:

He or she almost 10cm long already and weighs about 100g.

This is another little video to show you how my little one should be developing:

Fingers crossed everything is ok.

I am feeling ok.  Not great, just ok. Generally I am fine but I have been having quite  a bit of indigestion and queasiness. I am also extremely tired. Its probably been worse this week because I have had a bit of a cold. Sneezing and coughing is not great when you are 16 weeks pregnant either!!

I have been trying to eat as best as I can, but its not easy when everything makes me feel sick. Eating little and often like mid morning and afternoon snacks seems to help . I am also making sure I drink plenty and of course am taking my vitamins.

Still not obviously pregnant I feel bigger and have treated myself to some new maternity jeans and leggings. I do need a bit of a bigger bump though as they are a little big right now but I am sure they wont be for long.

I did watch One Born Every Minute the other night and it terrified me! I know I have been through it twice before but Rosie's birth was pretty traumatic and I am quite scared about actually giving birth again. With two babies going overdue, weighing 9.5Ibs each I am really hoping this one is early and much smaller!

Overall I am pretty happy with the way things are going. If I could just get rid of the indigestion and queasiness I might even start glowing and that would be nice.

Karen x

31st Jan - 15 Weeks and Tastes Are Changing

Wow, 15 weeks already. The weeks are flying past.

Luckily for me I am feeling pretty good. Still a little tired and the odd queasy day but generally pretty good.

Apparently my baby is now the size of an orange and almost the length of a Kit Kat finger. It really is growing quickly.

Baby's legs are now longer than its arms and it is moving around a lot more. I can well believe this is true because I can feel him or her wriggling around lots, which is kind of nice and very reassuring.

My tummy is starting to sprout a little now. If you didn't know you wouldn't assume I was pregnant but Husband and I can tell. I have tried to weigh myself but the scales are broken so I have no idea how much weight I have put on but to be honest I wouldn't have thought it was that much.

I must admit I have had two weeks where I haven't eaten quite as well as I was.  I have put this down to the queasiness and wanting to graze on carby things like bread. I am trying to eat little and often and am eating lots of  fresh fruit and some yoghurt too but am not craving anything in particular. 

I have had a little indigestion this week, something I didn't get with the girls (maybe a boy?). I've also noticed my tastes have changed too. Baby doesn't really like curry, cheese and onion crisps or vegetables (except sweetcorn) but it does like salt and vinegar crisps, Haribo and fresh fruit!

All in all, I am pretty well and cant wait to my 20 week scan on 6th March. We are hoping to discover the gender then exciting!

Karen x

24th Jan -14 weeks and Waist Disappearing

I cannot believe I am 14 weeks and in my second trimester already.

I have found this amazing little video to show you how my baby is growing.  Everything is apparently in place now, he or she is the size of a peach and can pull all sorts of faces:

I am supposed to be feeling at my best now but this has actually been the first week I have felt a little dodgy. I have had extreme tiredness, have been starving constantly and have also felt a little queasy at times.  I have noticed though that if I have a little snack with the girls around 3.30pm then it helps.

My waist is starting to disappear now and I have a teeny tiny bump...well actually it looks like I have been eating a few too many biscuits rather than a bump. My size 12 jeans are now a little tight so I have stopped wearing them. I am at that annoying stage where you just feel a bit fat but my size 14s are still way to big. Luckily I have a few skirts and dresses that are comfortable and make me feel pretty.

I have looked at the huge pile of maternity clothes my Sister has given me back recently. With the two of us having four pregnancies between us the bag has got bigger. However I have noticed a few things I want to treat myself to.

I think I need a nice new pair of indigo skinny jeans that will fit me from now until the end.

I would like a new denim skirt, my non maternity one still fits well but when I grow out of it, the maternity one we have is pretty old and faded now.

I would also like some navy blue leggings and some tights.

That should be enough to carry me through as we have quite a few tops, skirts and dresses.

All in all I am feeling good. I have found I have been wanting a few more carby things this week like bread and crackers and I have also been eating a lot of cherries too. I am making sure I drink lots of water , put my feet up when I can and take my vitamins.

Karen x

13 Jan -The Big Announcement

Yes this really does mean what you think! I am almost 13 weeks pregnant with baby number 3! Not the best picture in the world but I wanted to add it to my photo a day project.

This is also the real reason why I have been so quiet on my blog recently. I have wanted to shout about it but felt I ought to keep quiet until I knew all was okay.

So far so good. I have had a scan and blood test and everything seems normal/ low risk. I am feeling great too, no sickness just a little tired..... I guess I had better get used to that with three under five.

I am really looking forward to recording everything about this pregnancy so fingers crossed it all goes well.

Karen x