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Friday, 28 January 2011

Broken sleep - its a killer!!

I am one of those people who need my sleep.  I could easily go to bed at ten and sleep for 12 hours (obviously if I didn't have children that is).  If I don't get enough sleep or wake up too early I am grumpy and unsociable! 

I have used the baby Whisperer techniques with both girls and fortunatley they work!  My girls sleep for 12 hours most of the time so generally I am a happy Mummy.  That is until things like teething kick in.  Rosie is now 7 months and for the past week has been showing all the signs.  The dribbling, red cheeks, runny nose, foul nappies and a new whiny cry.  This has also resulted in her waking in the night. Its been a week now and its killing me.   I just need one whole night of uninterrupted sleep.  Why don't children came with a built in knowledge that they need to sleep until their parents come in to get them in the morning?  That would be perfect!

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