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Parenting Tips

Looking back at my blog I have noticed that I have written quite a few posts on common issues that crop up for parents. I have therefore set up this page to make sure these posts are all in one place.

On this page you will find posts covering topics from breast feeding to swaddling, toilet training and tantrums. I don't claim to be an expert in anyway, these are just my personal experiences and tips.

I am really lucky to have two gorgeous little girls that sleep well, eat well and generally are pretty well behaved.... or so I am told.

I personally believe this is not all down to luck.  When I was pregnant with Poppy a friend of mine introduced me to the Baby Whisperer and I brought the book. This has gone on to be my guide and although these days I do not look at it much, if a problem crops up, I do.

Sadly the Baby Whisperer died a few years back but her memory lives on as do her techniques. I have shared my experiences with several friends and my Sister, who have all gone on to use the same routines and methods and have happy content children, who eat and sleep well.

With a Preschooler, a toddler and baby number three on the way I have had my share of experiences including difficulties and decisions to make. I therefore want to share my advice, tips and problems with you. I am hoping they will also help remind and prepare me for the next one.

Hope it helps.

Karen x

Discipline/ Tantrums:

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