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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Decsions, decisions, which pram to choose?

I caught up with my Sister-in-law this week who is due in May.  She was telling me how they had been out looking at prams so I decided to do a review of ours. We have the bugaboo Cameleon in pink canvas and I love it.

At around £680 It might seem a bit expensive at first but it is worth every penny.  We have used it for two children and it still looks like new thanks to the fact that its all machine washable. I love the fact that there is a bassinet so your baby can lie completely flat. However, even when it changes into a pushchair it has three position's. If you think you little one might fall asleep you can put it into a slightly tilted position and then once asleep you can tilt them right back, almost flat. Perfect for when out and about!

We have used it in the UK in the city and the country, in Canada in the prairie and the Rocky Mountains and on a road trip to America.  Due to living abroad it has been on several plane journeys.  We have used it off road, in the snow and at the beach.

I have several friends who have brought 3-4 prams/ pushchairs because theirs didn't do everything they wanted, they ended up spending more than us (well my parents, as ours was a very generous present).  This one did everything I wanted it to do and I can't fault it.  

With this pram you get to personalise it.  You choose if you want the bassinet or seat depending on age of your little one. You choose the fabric and the colour .  You can easily change the height of the handlebar, the direction your child faces or adapt the chassis for a car seat.  You can also get various accessories.  Some come with it like the raincover and mosquito net.  These have been invaluable.  They are not cheap and flimsy like some of the ones my friends have had.  Other accessories you can choose to purchase.  We have the parasol, the travel bag and the buggy board which are all fantastic. 

I like the fact that you can change the colour of the pram by just buying new fabric.  This means you don't have to stick to safe colours if you are planning more than one child, hence the bright pink!  

It is also a good height if you are out and about and stop for food or coffee.  You can take the bar off and flick the handlebars and the chair goes right under the table.  This is useful if high chairs aren't available or you don't want to use them because they are dirty etc (a whole other conversation).  We have had a few looks from other impressed parents when we do this.

The only negative is when you do switch it to use off road it is not as easy to steer.  Don't let that put you off though. I honestly would not buy another pram. 

My little one is comfortable, warm and safe as well as looking stylish so I am one very happy Mummy. Our family gives it a massive score of 10/10.

Karen x

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