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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My Bump Diary - 24 Weeks

Wow 24 weeks already (or 6 months), how time flies.

I feel as if I have reached a huge milestone as this week my little girl is more likely to survive if born now. She would probably need specialist care but its a huge relief to get this far.
My baby is now the size of a grapefruit, that's approximately 30cm crown to rump and roughly 12.7 oz.

She is now apparently well developed and formed although her skin is still very thin and fragile. Her tastebuds are fully developed though and her tiny finger and footprints are continuing to form.

My bump is continuing to grow too. I am still eating pretty healthy. I am also making sure I drink lots of water/juice and am still taking my vitamins.

My skin is still a bit itchy but moisturising helps. I have noticed I have had really itchy feet this week. Quite strange! I am going to get it checked out at my appointment next week. I still don't have any stretch marks so hoping I get away without having any again.

I am a bit more tired this week but that's a combination of having  to get up and wee a few times a night and the girls have had colds so been unsettled too. I cant blame it all on this little monkey.
We haven't settled on a name yet but have a few up our sleeve, even Poppy and Rosie have had their say.

Poppy and I had great fun this week sorting out the baby clothes. I was amazed how much I still had after giving quite a bit away to my Sister-In-Law a while back. Obviously I kept all my favourite bits and there are a few new pieces in there too. She actually doesn't need anything else.

Amongst other things, this little girl already has 16 pretty little dresses, 

washed and ready to wear! 

I am getting quite excited now and cant wait to meet her. The girls are too.  Poppy especially, tells me she is going to be a great big Sister and help me look after her.
All in all feeling good.
Karen x