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Monday, 16 April 2012

My Week That Was....

Another lovely week in this household.

Monday - we decided to have a quiet one today. The girls were both shattered so we had a day at home starting with a lazy lie in and complete with Disney film Tangled (Poppy's favourite)!

Tuesday - Today was our 8 year anniversary. Poppy decided we should celebrate by making a cake. Both girls got stuck in and we made a big carrot cake complete with pink icing and a heart made of chocolate balls...all her design!

Once the girls were tucked up in bed, Husband went off to collect the curry we ordered whilst I had a lovely soak in the bath complete with Lush ball, then we ate and watched a film. ...a very relaxing evening!

Wednesday - The weather was rubbish today so all plans to head to the park were dashed. Instead I decided I needed to catch up on the ironing pile as it was overflowing! The girls were very well behaved - with a supply of snacks, they happily played together in the playroom with the mega blocks:

Thursday - Today Poppy was really missing her friends so we decided to get crafty. First I let them loose a cereal box,  glue and a box of goodies to stick on them. Then Poppy found a packet of beads and a pipe cleaner and decided to make herself a bracelet. It was very pretty.

Friday - Daddy finished work early so we got to spend the afternoon with him which was lovely.  Poppy also got to work decorating a brush, comb and mirror set she received for her birthday last year. A fun but lazy day!

Saturday - We took the girls swimming. We have been quite a few times in the last month and both girls are becoming much more confident. The difference was amazing. Afterwards we were starving and decided to go to Pizza Hut as a treat. It was really nice and the girls were both very well behaved...a lovely day out!

Sunday - We went to Pennywell Farm for the day. It was a lovely day out and apart from one temper tantrum from Rosie and one incident of a goat pinching Poppy's name sticker of her chest and eating it... all was well. My highlights were holding a baby duckling and seeing Poppy enjoy her first pony rides:

All in all another lovely week.

Karen x