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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Terrible Baby Brain

When I was pregnant with Poppy I remember seeing on This Morning that when a women is pregnant her brain shrinks to the size of a man's. I thought this was very funny at the time,  although Husband didn't and neither did any of our male friends.

With Rosie I think it shrank a bit more and now pregnant with baby number 3 I seem to have acquired  the memory of a goldfish! Honestly I can barely remember a thing.

I went through a stage of putting things in the oven and forgetting about them, although thankfully this has stopped. I remember serving up a rice pudding to the girls one day at about 14 weeks (usually their favourite) and Poppy looked at it asking me what it was...whoops.

Husband also came home from work one Friday night with pizzas as a treat, they were fresh ones that needed only 5 minutes in the oven...15 minutes later they were burnt to a crisp. Husband tried really hard to not look disappointed and attempted to eat it but it was no use.

Recently I took my Dad to visit his Mum when he came to stay. He was giving me directions and each time he said next left...or right I would get there and say "sorry was that left?" was a long journey!

So my question is will my brain ever return to normal or am I destined to have a memory like this for ever?


Karen x