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Monday, 2 April 2012

My Week That Was...

Another Week has whizzed past and now it's the Easter Holidays already. Honestly it feels as though half term wasn't five minutes again.

Monday -  I can't remember much about Monday except that Husband was working away so it was just the girls and me tonight.

Tuesday -  A quiet morning followed by a friend coming around for coffee with her Son and then on to the Toddler Group. A lovely afternoon where I also received an Easter egg as a lovely surprise:

Once home though, the girls become increasingly grumpy and irritable and I began to develop a headache. Luckily Husband walked in with these gorgeous chocolates just before bath time which really cheered us all up:

Wednesday -  My Dad came to visit today as he is recovering after having an operation on his hand. He's staying almost a week and Mum will be down to join him at the weekend and take him home. The girls were so excited as they idolise him....they also love his ipad which is full of games and stories for them:

Thursday - Today we went to a chick party at Poppy's School, where we met chicks who were 4 days old:

I was really excited to get to hold one myself and must admit they were very cute. Poppy was thrilled to show me all she had learnt about them.

Later we made some lovely cakes for my family we are seeing tomorrow. Rosie particularly enjoyed this and wanted to do it by herself rather than with Poppy:.

Friday -  was a lovely day. I took my Dad and the girls to visit my Grandma and other members of the family. Unfortunately we took a very long detour to get there but it was a lovely day. We enjoyed lunch in a pub by the sea front and the girls particularly enjoyed playing with my Cousins Daughter. It was lovely to see them play together. I think it made my Grandmas day too.

Saturday - after a late night last night we enjoyed a lovely relaxing lie in and breakfast in bed this morning. Poppy didn't want to do a lot today so we made some cakes in honour of  Mum coming to join us this afternoon.

Sunday - was a lovely day.  We had a dawdle round the shops, the water front and ended up in the Harvester for lunch. The girls especially enjoyed the very naughty pudding we enjoyed:

Quite  a busy week really!