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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Addicted to blogging

Oh dear, I think I am becoming addicted to this blogging.  I am having great fun designing my page, writing in my blog and looking at other Mummy blogs to the extent that I can't wait for the girls to get to bed.  My Husband took Poppy out earlier for a few hours and normally I would have run round cleaning the house from top to bottom...not today!  I spent the whole time glued to my laptop! Two hours later, the house had not been touched and little Rosie had got up from her nap to be plonked on the floor to amuse herself with her toys. What a wicked neglectful Mummy. Is this a common problem other Mummy Bloggers are finding?  Would love some reassurance that I am not the only one!

Karen x


  1. its the same as me totally addicted

  2. Ha ha! You're not alone my dear. It's an addiction that's for sure :D Wait 'till you add Twitter and Facebook to your blog! Following you from BMB by the way *waves*

  3. I'm an addict too! x

  4. That's what's happening to me....
    Falling further behind with housework and yesterday hubby made lunch AND dinner...
    Can't carry on like this xx

  5. The amount of times my poor husband has come home from work and has had to cook dinner for the family!!! I get so absorbed with writing blog posts everything else gets neglected!! xxx

  6. It seems to be a epidemic! same here....