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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Pretty hair and Princesses

Today was the day at two and a half, Poppy had her first hair cut.  How exciting.  I was slightly concerned about how she would behave and have been preparing her for a few weeks.  

I decided it would be nice if I had mine done at the same time  and feeling excited about the prospect of looking a little bit more like a yummy mummy, this morning I told her that they were going to make us both look like princesses.  I was a bit thrown when she turned to me and said "no Mummy, you are too old to be a princess".  I only felt slightly better when seeing my face she added "you will look like a queen"  Hee hee!

I had nothing to worry about.  She was as good as gold.  So I have saved a lock of hair and put it away in her keepsake box and feel as though that is another milestone over with!

I also have to mention that as I have blogged about before,  I am a little bit addicted to this blogging.  Well last night I could not sleep and as my Husband is away, I sat up in bed with my laptop blogging away to my hearts content.  This morning when my little girl came running into my bedroom she said "oh no Mummy, you are not supposed to take your laptop to bed, you need to leave it downstairs"!!  Hee hee.  That told me!

Karen x

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