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Friday, 11 February 2011

Daddy's Home

Having the Husband home for a long weekend is wonderful.  Nothing like a bit of separation to make you appreciate each other more.  The girls slept all night...surprise surprise!  They always do at weekends so he wonders what all the fuss is about when I winge on the phone.  Poppy seems fine, she is fully dosed up on Calpol and Calprofen, but the ear does not seem to be bothering her too much.  So no need for the prescription...the Doctor was right after all!!

This morning we dragged Daddy along to the music group we go to.  Seeing as Poppy was ok, had slept all night and had not been out since Monday, I thought it would do her the world of good to get out and about.  I was right.  She had great fun seeing her friends and singing and dancing.

Daddy has noticed a huge difference in little Rosie.  She eats more competently, sits better and has just got bigger as little ones do.  Its amazing how much they change, so quickly.  Its funny though.  We are doing a mix of puree food and baby led weaning.  So in between bits of proper food, I spoon in some of the puree.  Daddy does not get it though.  He is soo worried she is going to choke and insists I cut her food up into small bits.  When he is not here, she sucks on whole satsuma slices, bits of mango, pasta, all sorts but when he is here, he picks up tiny bits to give her. Oh well, he will learn (and he is not here most of the time so we can do what we like then, hee hee).

Karen x

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  1. We do jars and BLW. I know they contradict each other but works for us. Our Daddy also worries.
    Liska x