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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Giggles and Netbook

Thanks to all you lovely ladies for your comments on my last post.  They have made me feel much better.  Its nice to know I am not alone and they did make me giggle!

I have mentioned before that the fan on my Sony Vaio has sounds like a plane taking off while using it.  Last night it had got so bad, we could not hear the voices on the youtube clips we were trying to watch... that is pretty loud.  Anyway, my gorgeous generous Husband took me to PC World today and I am now the proud owner of a new HP lipstick pink netbook with a matching bright pink sleeve.  Its fab!  I love my Husband!

Karen x


  1. lucky you!
    look forward to lots of post, you obviously have a fab husband and a fab Dad - a ticket to Cybermummy excellent.
    Blogging is very addictive and it's a fabulous community to be part of.
    great blog.
    found you via bmb by the way.

  2. Did they do it as an exchange? Hope so...
    Thanks for the follow.
    I also blogged about being addicted :-)
    Liska x

  3. Just read your "about me".
    Can't wait till you get controversial - ha ha!
    Your job sounds amazing - you are special to have done that and make a difference in the world.

  4. Aaahh thank you. Will be following your blog too Liska, will have a look at what you wrote about being addicted! I am loving being a mummy blogger x