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Friday, 11 February 2011

Ear infections and prescriptions

Back on track...I don't think so!  We were up all night with Poppy very unwell.  She pretty much woke up every hour crying from 9.30pm till 5.30am and then the crying got worse and she did not go back to sleep.  She was hot and kept pulling at her ears saying she didn't know what was wrong.  In the morning we took her to the GP only to discover she had an ear infection.  Poor little thing.  She was very grown up though.  She is only two and a half but was able to tell the Doctor she was poorly, that she had ear ache and point to the right ear..little love!  

Once he told her that she had an ear infection that was it though...she was like "ok Doctor" and ran over to the little shopping trolley in the corner and started to push it round.  Why is it when they are poorly and sick at home, only want cuddles and don't want to play....the minute you take them to the Doctor they look like there is nothing wrong with them and you are an over reactive parent?? 

Anyway, we were given a prescription but told to hang on to it and not take it to the Chemist straight away, as antibiotics do not work on ear infections.  What is all that about?  Apparently, the latest research shows ear infections go away by themselves in a few days and antibiotics just makes them drowsy and sick but does not make the ear infection clear up any quicker.  Not sure I trust this, but he did say that she may well be over the worse of it.  That she has probably had it for a few days and that I may not have realised as she has had a cold.  This news made me feel like a wicked, neglectful Mummy but remember I have had no sleep!!  Oh well, watch this we or don't we give her the antibiotics?

Karen x

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