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Monday, 28 February 2011

More Slummy than yummy!

Well I slept in late this morning which meant a manic dash around trying to get the girls ready and leave the house on time.  So girls ready, I tied my hair back, threw on some clothes and looking more like a council estate Mummy (can I say that?) than a yummy Mummy, I set off for Nursery.  I dropped Poppy off, Husband off at work and then arriving home I looked in the mirror...tired puffy eyes, dark circles and unwashed hair stared back at me.  Did I really go out looking like that? 

I then ran around the house cleaning and tidying while the little one was having a nap.  When she woke up we enjoyed some quality Mummy/Rosie time with lots of cuddles and playing, but the minute she went back down for her afternoon nap, I enjoyed a relaxing bubble bath and pulled myself together! It felt wonderfully luxurious and a little bit naughty having a bath in the afternoon, but when I ventured back out of the house again I was looking and feeling much more like myself. 

Karen x

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