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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Fluffy pillows and ghosts

So much for things getting back to normal...last night was a night from hell!!!  Both girls were up pretty much all night.  They were soothed and calmed but then started again 10 minutes later.  At least Rosie had a reason, she appeared to be suffering with her teeth (although no signs of them yet!!), I have no idea what Poppy's problem was.  I am now fantasizing about sleeping in a room far far away from here, all alone with a big fluffy white duvet and big fat comfy pillows.  I think I could sleep for a week.  Fingers crossed tonight is better.

Poppy has been freaking me out the past few days.  We are currently renting the house we live in and have lived here for about five months.  For the past few weeks, every time she comes in the house she says "I want to go home!", when I tell her this is home she says "no its not.  This house belongs to a lady...not us!".  The freaky thing is this house did belong to an old lady who died.  We are renting it from her sons. 

To make matters worse, last night when she got out of the bath she also said "I'm going to die".  I asked her what she meant and she just kept repeating herself over and over.  Scary! Eventually she said "like the octonauts Mummy...aaah dive, she wants to dive!!  Deary me...she is going to give me a heart attack!  

It is all making me a bit nervous, especially as its just me and the girls for a few more weeks yet. Hurry home Husband! 

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