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Friday, 4 February 2011

Music and sandwiches

I cannot believe it is Friday again already, where has the week gone?

After a good nights sleep for all of us, the girls were well, so this morning we headed off to a toddlers music group. We go every week and the girls love it.  Poppy gets up and sings and dances whilst playing with instruments while Rosie giggles away and looks on happily. Its great fun. We usually stay for coffee but today we went back for lunch with one of the other girls and her children.  

Poppy loves going to other peoples houses because their Mummy's always make cool sandwiches.  At home she gets one piece of bread, folded into half and cut into two squares, triangles or maybe three rectangles depending on my mood.  Today however, she got two dinosaur sandwiches...much more interesting!  Oh dear, I think I might need to purchase some sandwich cutters.  I would hate to think that she was embarrassed when friends come to ours and get plain old boring shapes

Talking about shopping, I have ordered my groceries online with Sainsburys again today.  I did it this afternoon whilst the girls were having a nap and its going to be delivered tomorrow between 10 and 11am.  Fantastic.  So much easier than trying to shop with a baby and a toddler by myself.

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