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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Colds and ghosts

Yeehhh!  Rosie slept all night last night.  I was beginning to think she had forgotten how to.  Poppy got up four times but settled quickly so all in all it was a much better night. At least I have discovered why Poppy has not been herself the past few days.  She is coming down with a cold.  Poor little thing has a runny nose and eyes and doesn't feel great.  A bit of Calpol soon sorted her out though and I was back in dreamland.  I feel like a new woman today. Its amazing what a good nights sleep can do for you.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am beginning to think our house is haunted.  Today my daughter, again told me she wanted to go home and that this was not our house, it belongs to a lady.  Usually I tell her it does not but today I changed tactics and tried to get her to tell me more.  I asked what lady? had she seen a lady?  She said yes she had seen the lady and she was in the kitchen...freaky!!  Then I asked her if she was a nice lady and she said she was.  Finally, she told me the lady is old and that she likes her before getting distracted by a different toy.  Is there such a thing as ghosts?  I personally have never felt anything strange but I must admit, I am beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable now.  Maybe its just her imagination and I am reading too much into it as my husband is away.  Any advice would be much appreciated.

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