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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Laptops and Coffee

I have not written much the past few days as I have my Nana to stay and feel a bit rude keep turning my laptop on.  It doesn't help that the fan is going on it, so everytime I turn it on it sounds as though it is about to take off...a little bit unsocialble me thinks.  I do love my pink Sony Vaio though.  I don't want to swap it for another one.
It is so nice to have my Nana here to stay.  I have got so used to having the Husband away in the week I had forgotten how nice it is to have company. The girls are loving it too.  Today we went to a toddler group up at Shane's work.  We all had a lovely time and my Nana enjoyed meeting my friends.  It was also a chance for Poppy to show off one of her new hair bows.  She does look a cutie. We call it her finishing touch (pinched that from a friend).

Talking about friends.  I have a brain like a sieve at the moment.  I told my Nana on Monday that I had friends and their children coming over on Tuesday afternoon for coffee. However, after a night of disturbed sleep I woke up bleary eyed and completely forgot!  It wasn't until the doorbell rang that I remembered....whoops!  

Karen x

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