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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Lazy days and Nappies

Last night we decided today would be a relaxing day, we would not have to get up and rush off anywhere...lovely.   Well that was plan, but in  my life nothing ever goes according to the plan!

I went to change Rosie first thing this morning and realised that I was down to my last three nappies.  How did that happen? very unlike me!  I went shopping twice yesterday so there really was no excuse.  I put the first of them on and two minutes later it was dirty...typical.  I put the next one on and searched the whole house: the downstairs none there, the upstairs none there, the Mummy none there.   Then I gave up and realised that was it, with only one left  I had no choice but to venture out and about. 

After that I gave up on the idea of relaxing and rushed around doing all sorts of jobs.  So my nice quiet relaxing day did not really happen, then again with a baby and a toddler they rarely do.  I did however, settle down with a gin and tonic at the end of the day which was rather nice.

Karen x

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