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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Sisters and Dads x

I am not sure if I have mentioned it before but my Sister is also writing a blog Not yet a yummy Mummy.  It was her who started first and got me interested. 

Anyway, she has decided what a lovely day it would be to attend the CyberMummy conference in June together. A chance for a day out, shared interests, meeting other like minded Mummy bloggers and of course the goody bag!  Sounds great.  I was slightly concerned about the price tag and hadn't got around to chatting to the Husband when my lovely Dad steeped in.  He wants to treat his two daughters to a special day out.  What a lovely Dad I have.  To top it off, Mum and Dad have offered to babysit for all the children...perfect.  I can't wait.  How exciting.  We are turning into serious bloggers!  Hope to see you there.

Karen x


  1. Lucky you that's fab! I'll be there in June as well!! Me and my sisters are both bloggers too...we started in September last year. xxx :)