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Monday, 10 October 2011

3 Year Old Chocked On A Mini Quorn Savory Egg

We are currently staying with my parents for a long weekend. A few days ago I was home with the girls whilst both parents were out and was in the process of organising lunch. They were  going to have a bit of a picnic with mini sandwiches, cold meat, tomatoes and strawberries. I also noticed my Mum had some of those mini Quorn Savory eggs and thought the girls might like them.

Poppy spotted them straight away as something different and as she was so hungry wanted to eat one immediately. I said she could but she had to sit up at the table.  I was stood in the kitchen and I suddenly heard an awful weird crying sound. I popped my head round the door to see Poppy in a complete state. Tears were running down her face and she was making an awful sound. She was also pale. I realised quickly she couldn't breath properly.

For a minute I panicked but quickly sprang into action. I looked in her mouth but couldn't see the obstruction, at this point she was beginning to turn blue aaahhhh!  I threw her over my legs and gave her a few hard whacks between the shoulder blades whilst telling her what I was doing.  When she sat up this time I could see there was something there and with my fingers I grabbed it.

She looked like she was going to be sick and was still making funny noises but she was breathing again. I gave her a few more hard pats on the back and then a big hug to calm her down. She started relax and her breathing started to calm.  I gave her a few sips of water and all seemed to be OK.

Phew, You think at three they know how much to put in their mouths.

Panic over but I don't think I would let my little ones eat anything like this again. It seemed to swell up in her mouth and go all sticky. Not nice.

Later my Sister tried one and said she could see what had happened.  She needed a big drink to wash it down because she was having difficulties swallowing it. She told me "it tasted delicious but got stuck in the back of her throat like a lead boulder".

Karen x

Karen x