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Saturday, 1 October 2011

My Late Entry for Funny Friday

My little girls make me smile all the time but tonight at bath time I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

The girls had had a long bath and the water was getting quite cool.  I told Poppy she needed to get out first and she did the whole stalling thing "I want to play" "Let Rosie go first" etc etc.

Then I said "Whose the boss Poppy?" and she said "me". We did the whole "Mummy is the boss thing and its time to get out now. Then I turned to Rosie and said "whose the boss Rosie" and she said............

........"Mummy"  aaahh what a cutie. I wasn't expecting it but it did make me chuckle.  In fact we all had a giggle and then Poppy got out no problem.

I love my little girls.

I am linking this in with MummyMummyMum's Funny Friday even though its Saturday.

Karen x