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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Gallery - Colours

I love taking part in the Gallery and this weeks topic is another great one - colours.

Now for those of you who know me you will be thinking I bet she writes about pink....but no not today. Although we love pink in this house, today I am going to write about blue.

Blue because last week we saw beautiful blue skies and the river looked extra blue (can't find a photo but it was gorgeous).  It also meant we could get outside and have fun at the park.

Blue also for the swimming pool - I took Rosie swimming this week whilst Poppy was at School) We had a lovely time.  It is now going to become a weekly thing and I am going to try to take both girls next weekend.

Poppy Swimming at 8 months

We went with friends and it was perfect. The pool was quiet and clean and not too cold either. It took a little while for Rosie to get used to it but then she was happily splashing away at the other children. I feel a bit bad as I have not taken her as much as I used to take Poppy. We used to go every week when we lived abroad but when we moved back to UK the pools were so cold it wasn't fun for anyone. This one is great through so I am looking forward to doing it more.

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