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Monday, 3 October 2011

MUMenTum and Thinking Slimmer

Okay so last week, I reported that I had finally got off my bottom and got in touch with the Thinking Slimmer team for some support and a kick up the bum. They were fab and decided that I should switch to trialling the new Drop 2 Jean Sizes slimpod. Of course I jumped at the chance after a Summer of indulgence  and putting on a stone.

I started the week off listening to my old Drop a Dress size one which I had been for three weeks.  I then switched on Thursday as soon as I got the new one, in conjunction with the Chocoholic cure. The results are simply amazing....I have lost 8 pounds in total in a week!  I have not dieted at alll, just listen to my slimpod on my iPod each night in bed...easy!

I may not have dieted but have noticed I am opting for healthy choices.  There are no longer pizzas or sneaky chocolate bars & crisps in my shopping trolley (I know, I lapsed this Summer). No instead you will find Ryvita!! Not something I would usually buy or eat but never mind. I am quite enjoying it for lunch these days.

I am not craving fatty or sweet foods preferring to snack on fruit and yoghurt and am back to having breakfast which recently I have been skipping (I know the most important meal of the day). I even had a little glass of rose last night!

I am therefore feeling really positive and am hoping to lose much more with the help of my slimpods.

I cant thank the Thinking Slimmer Team enough and can't wait to report my progress next week.

Karen x