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Sunday, 23 October 2011

In Search Of The Perfect Dolls House

I am in search of a pretty wooden dolls house, but not just any dolls little Miss has put in a Christmas request!

Poppy would like a pink wooden dolls house with blue windows and flowers above the door....aaaahh so specific!!

Nanny and Gramp's have a small carry one at their house that was brought almost two years ago and not sold any more. She loves it and now wants a bigger version at our house.

I have scanned the internet and not found one quite like this although there are some beautiful ones out there.

I have been on twitter and pointed in the direction of some lovely dolls houses but none have been quite right. Someone even suggested I buy one and paint it but I am really not that crafty and would hate to ruin something so expensive.

I am sure she would love any of them but I want it to be perfect!

Any help will be appreciated.

Karen x