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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Barefoot Shoes - The Next Best Thing To Bare Feet

We all know that barefoot is best but at 15 months old with the Winter drawing in, Rosie needed a pair of shoes.

Bombarded with information on what we should and shouldn't buy I wrote a post. Following that and a bit more research, I found the perfect pair:

Rosie's first shoes

These are barefoot shoes by Livie and Luca and came from Happy Little Soles, a fantastic little company that have been amazingly helpful.

Rosie loves them. She couldn't wait to put them on and happily prances around in them. In fact she couldn't wait to get them on again today to go out and play.

I am really happy that Rosie has a gorgeous pair of shoes and even happier that are the next best thing to her having bare feet! 

Karen x

This is not a sponsored post, we brought these with our own hard earned money but love them so much we wanted to share!