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Friday, 14 October 2011

Tweet and Eat With Innocent Drinks and Their Veg Pots

I am a huge fan of innocent smoothies and juices which can regularly be found in our fridge and are enjoyed by the whole family.  I hadn't realised though that they had added veg pots to their range and am looking forward to trying them very soon.
They come in 8 different flavours which luckily for me are all vegetarian and many are vegan too.

 "a delicious meal made from 3 portions of veg wholegrains or pulses and tasty sauce with herbs and spices"

You might also be pleased to know that as well as being a high source of fibre they contain less than 3% fat. Sounds good to me.

Even more good news is that  over the next few weeks the lovely people at innocent drinks now have a new way of giving us all lots of lovely discounts and offers for their veg pots.  Its called:

Basically it says what it does on the tin.... the more people tweet, the cheaper you eat! Each day you will be able to download a voucher code: the more that people tweet about it, the higher the discount will be. You may well be able to buy veg pots for 1.50 off, half price or even free!!

Collective buying power is where it’s at. So get all of your friends, family and followers tweeting as much as possible to push up the Tweet-O-Meter and get more discounts.

I know I will be.

Karen x