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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sleep - Whose in Charge, You Or Your Child?

This week I had a conversation at a toddler group that I just cannot get out of my head.

I happened to mention that I should have thought more carefully about the days and times Poppy attends Preschool because I hadn't taken into account Rosie's change in nap time.  I wasn't really prepared for the responses I got.

I was bombarded with "well the second one just has to fit don't they?" and "some children need less sleep than others" and "after your first you realise that you have to be more flexible and fit naps in when you can" .....what a load of rubbish I couldn't help but think.

Sorry if I offend anyone but I really do believe you can train your children to sleep. Obviously there will be instances when they are unwell, teething, unsettled etc. that messes it up but I am big on routine. I also believe that children sleep better when they are more rested in the day and think it has more to do with parental style than children when they are all over the I said I hope I don't offend but this is what I believe!

Both my girls have been trained the Baby Whisperer way.  I got them in a routine from the very beginning and have never had sleep issues.  From 4 months both girls had two 2 hour long naps and slept 12 hours at night. Two naps then changed into one long 3 hour nap.  This is where we are at now with Rosie.  She currently sleeps from 9.30-11.30 and then goes back down 1.30pm-3pm.

She has been showing signs that she is ready to change to one nice long after noon nap but here comes the problem.

We have to pick up Poppy from Preschool at 3pm on Mon and Weds and at 12am Tues and Thurs.

This means going down for  a nap 12.30-3.30pm wont work and 10-1pm wont work either.  I hate to mix up days but am currently thinking it will be 12.30-3.30pm except on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I could put her down an hour earlier in order to get up in time to get her Sister. All so confusing! That doesn't take into account the afternoon we go to the toddler group.  I guess it is going to be a bit of trial and error.

I do recognise that the second child has to fit into your life and routine more in the beginning but don't think that they should always been the one to compromise as they are growing up.  If I had thought about it more in advance I might have put Poppy in Pre-School every morning, letting her Sister sleep every afternoon. This is all I was trying to say.

My gorgeous little girl sleeping

Karen x