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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Bike Rides In The Sunshine

We have had so much fun in the sun these past few days.  We have spent lots of time at the park but most of all Poppy has enjoyed getting out and about on her gorgeous Strider Balance bike, which we brought her for her 3rd birthday from this Summer. This is in no way a sponsored post, we just brought the bike and love it!

Her Dad is away at the moment and she can't wait to show him how well she is doing on it so hopefully he will get to see this. She is starting to understand more about balance and is putting her legs up more and more (not on the pads though, more like right out to the side hee hee) squealing "weeeeee" as she goes down the hills. Such a cutie!

This is a short video of her on it today on a pretty steep hill:


I had been feeling bad because she hasn't been out on it as much as she would have been if Daddy was home. I imagined it being really difficult getting both girls and the bike out and about but really its not.  Poppy is quite sensible and listens when I tell her to stop which makes it easier.  It is also very light, so on the one occasion she did say she needed a rest, I was easily able to manoeuvre the pushchair in one hand and the bike in another with her walking by the side of me.

So now there is no excuse for us not getting out on it! Whilst the weather is nice, I have agreed to take her out daily so watch this space for more videos.

Oh and for the record, I have put her seat up since watching this, noticed she has had another growth spurt. Surely she has got to slow down soon!!

Karen x