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Monday, 9 January 2012

Toilet Training - End Of Week One

Its the end of the first week of toilet training with Rosie and I have to tell she she is doing very well. We have had no accidents for the past two days and she is very pleased with herself, telling anyone who will listen she is "a big girl".

For those of you that read this blog you might think "what? Rosie is far too young" but I disagree.  I personally do not believe in keeping little ones in nappies too long. 

I think back in my parents days when everyone used cloth nappies, children tended to be trained at around 18 months and this is the age I have chosen to do it both times. I know lots of Mums nowadays like to do this much later and that is up to them. I am only telling you how I have done it and what has worked for us.

Toilet Training Our Way

I personally do not like potties. It is up to you if use one but I chose to skip this stage both times, going straight onto the toilet. Just over a week ago Husband and I decided the time had come and headed off to buy the supplies we needed ready to start the next day.

We brought a little toilet seat, which Rosie helped choose:

The seat is well padded making it comfy as well as supportive. Rosie likes to hold on to the handles which I think makes her feel more secure. It has a Peppa Pig design which she seams to love too.

We also brought her two packs of little pink and white knickers (about 16 pairs in total). For the first few days she wore knickers, vests and long sleeved tee shirts but this week she is back in her little dresses and tights again. 

How did we do it?

On day one we woke her up and took her downstairs telling her she wasn't going to wear nappies in the day any more and introduced her to her new knickers.  We also sat her on the toilet seat and was amazed when she did a tiny wee. We piled on the praise and she seemed to lap it up.

Over the next few days she had quite a few accidents with wee but managed to get all her poohs in the toilet. We have been putting on a nappy only for nap time and bedtime but every day she wakes up from her nap dry. Pretty good I think. 

By the end of Day 3 she seemed to have got it and had only one accident on day 4 and 5, with none on 6 and 7.

Today I even took her out on the School run without a nappy on with no problems.

My Top Tips
  • Pick a time when you feel ready - you have to be calm and patient so if you have other stuff on your mind or are distracted then leave it for a few more days
  • Be consistent! I hear so many Mums saying "I tried it and it didn't work". If you do the same thing everyday they soon get it. If you use a potty one day, a toilet the next and a nappy sometimes, your child will be confused
  • Skip the potty and just buy a toilet seat
  • This is a time to pile on the praise
  • Have plenty of knickers or pants in

Funny Memories

We have had two "funny" incidents though.

The first was when she was playing in the playroom. My Sister was in there too with her two little boys. Baby Thomas was fast asleep on the floor. Donna shouted for me and I ran in, picking Rosie up and rushing off to the toilet. Up until now she has been able to stop mid flow and then go again on the toilet. This time apparently though wee went everywhere including over Thomas, as I ran out of the room with her. Poor little thing was sprinkled with wee on his head and face. Luckily my Sister was very calm and patient, if it had been her child peeing on mine I would have had a fit! haha

The next incident was on Day 4. I accidentally put her to bed at night without a nappy on! I know dippy Mum alert. Not sure how I did it but she slept all night, waking and shouting out briefly at 5.30am then again at 6.30am. When I went in at 7.30am she was wet but not half as wet as you would expect. She must have just needed a wee at those times!  I did feel bad though.

So there you have it, I am not perfect and our week has not been without its moments but all in all it has been okay.

We just did exactly the same as we did with Poppy. I previously shared our experience with her here. I am not saying this is how you should do it. This is just how we have done it and what has worked for us.

If you yourself are about to embark on this milestone I hope our story and tips help.

Karen x