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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Cinderella Went To The Ball!

Last Night Husband and I enjoyed out second child free night since Rosie was born. We got really dressed up and headed off to a Summer ball. Here we are on our way out:

I felt really pretty in my new pink dress and Husband looked really smart in his DJ.

It was a gorgeous evening for it.  We were greeted by a band, enjoyed champagne, a delicious three course meal. fairground rides including dodgems, a bucking bronco, bouncy castle and coconut shy.  There was even an ice cream stand. Oh and not forgetting an amazing firework display too. It really was a fantastic evening.

Living across the river from the venue, husband had even arranged for a private boat to bring us home. It was  a prefect end to a magical evening. The water was so still and like a mirror. It was so quiet and the dim lights everywhere made it very romantic. I felt very special.

In bed at 2am, tired and a little tipsey, the evening ended....

....Then at 4am poor Rosie woke up screaming having half cut another tooth, not quite the lazy lie in we had planned but never mind.

This afternoon we are allowed another few hours off to see Harry Potter and I must say I am feeling totally spoilt.  I think my parents might need a rest after that though.  After us all being awake all night , with Rosie we are more than a little tired.  Thanks Mum and Dad, we really appreciate you.

Karen x