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Monday, 29 August 2011


I really am not sure what has happened to our little group but I am going to continue to write my weekly post anyway. This week it takes a different form, it is a letter to myself.

Dear self,

Somewhere along the line you appear to have lost your motivation (or mumentum). I am therefore giving you a kick up the bottom to tell you to get on with it.
  • Just because a few people people told you you were looking good does not mean you should stop, you still have a way to go.
  • Just because you have the slimpods does not mean you will continue to lose weight, you have to listen to them.
  • Just owning the hotpants will not help you lose weight, you need to actually wear them.
  • Just owning a cross trainer does not mean you will be fit, you need to get on it and exercise 
  • Oh and stop eating rubbish too, its not good for you
You need to find your motivation this week and get back on it.  You know you were feeling really good, had more energy and  were even starting to look better too. So just do it!!

Get yourself on that cross trainer this week, you can do it!

Karen x