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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Good Friends, Cookies and Coconuts

We have our very good friends and their two girls are coming today and are all very excited. In order to kill time before they get here we have been very busy.

First Poppy and I made some delicious cookies:

We hope they will like them as much as we do (of course we had to test them to make sure they were up to standard).

Next we decided to crack open a coconut we won the other evening at our Summer Ball. You can read that post here if you missed it!

First Daddy & Poppy cracked it
Then we got to drink the milk
Next to taste the coconut
Great for teething gums
Maybe not ideal for a one year old but she had fun, in fact all of us did.

We used to live opposite Steve and Fiona when we lived in Canada a few years ago. Both Fiona and I were pregnant at the same time too which brought us even closer and our little girls Poppy and Jessica were born 6 weeks apart.  We miss having them as neighbours and do wish we lived closer but do chat on the phone and keep in touch. They are going to be staying a few nights so it will be lovely.

I will let you know what we all get up to.

Karen x