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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

New Car Seat & Both Good and Bad Examples Of Customer Service

This is not a sponsored post, we have just experienced good and bad customer service when ordering a new car seat and I wanted to share our experiences with you.

Poppy is quite tall for a 3 year old.  She is the size of the average 4 year old.  Recently she has been looking a bit big for her car seat even though it is supposed to last till the age of four. As with any new products for our girls, I took to the internet.  I love Briatx seats so started there first. A bit confused about which seat would be best for Poppy due to her age, size and weight, I approached Britax directly on Twitter and got some advice. They were very helpful and based on their recommendations we went on to pick this one: The Kidfix SICT from Britax:

This is a new and improved group 2/3 car seat with advanced side impact protection. Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT) is comprised of air-filled, energy management cushions that reduce side impact crash energy by over 25%* for the child in the seat. Here is  a video on it to tell you all about its features:

So that's the seat we chose, now for the Customer Service bit.

Once we had picked the seat we wanted we went looking for the best price (as you do). We went for Kiddicare as they were coming up the cheapest (£119 as compared to £164 in some shops). However, after almost three weeks we had not received the new car seat or had any correspondence from them at all.  We chased it up and were told it was not in stock but they were expecting it tomorrow. Husband asked that someone call him back the following day but no one did! The following day I rang.  I was advised they did not have it in stock in the colour I wanted but they could tell me what other colours were available. 

Now I do not mean to be fussy but first I did not want another colour.  I wanted pink (of course) or Elena as its called!  Secondly Kiddicare took our money three weeks ago knowing they did not have the item in stock and thirdly Kiddicare did not bother to tell us it was not in stock. Appalling customer service I do believe.

I think that when parents want to purchase a car seat for their little ones, they want it now, they do not want to wait. Often, as in our situation, your child suddenly has a growth spurt so you need it quickly.

I told Kiddicare that I was dissatisfied with their customer service and gave them tips on how to improve it, I also told them I wanted an immediate refund.

Of course I still needed a car seat so I got back on the internet immediately and found Precious Little Ones. Priced at £124.99 (only £5 more than Kiddicare) you would not believe the difference in customer service. Next to the item it said 1 left in stock and same day dispatch with free Parcelforce 24 hour service. Unbelievable.  I was to receive the car seat the very next day. I clicked on it and brought it. Minutes later I had an email telling me it was being dispatched and I received it the very next morning! We even received a free set of cute pink sunshades for the car, what a difference in customer service!

I therefore do not rate Kiddicare at all but would like to thank Precious Little Ones for their fantastic and prompt service.

The seat was really easy to install. It uses an ISOFIT system which anchors the seat directly into the cars ISOFIX point. It is therefore very safe and sturdy as well as stylish. Your child is then secured in the seat with the car’s 3-point seat belt, which is correctly positioned over their shoulder and pelvis. There are guides so it cannot possibly go in the wrong place. It has an adjustable headrest which allows the seat to grow with your child. It also has a multi recline position which is great for the younger ones.

Poppy loves it.  She feels very grown up and special. She can climb in and out of it by herself which makes my life easier when I have Rosie in my arms. She has even fallen asleep in it a few times and looks very comfortable. Here she is looking happy:

I love it because I know my little girl is safe and secure when we are out and about, she loves it because she feels very grown up.

We give it a huge 9/10.

Karen x

For the record this was not a sponsored post. We brought this car seat for our little one and love it. All opinions and comments are my own.