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Monday, 8 August 2011

MUMenTum - Week 14

Hi ladies,

Well frustratingly for the past two weeks I have stopped losing weight and seem to have reached a plateau, even though I have still have more to lose. I have been using my slimpods every night but have not been exercising due to being away and having visitors etc.

I have realised that I need to exercise to stay this size.

I know I am not obese or anything! I am a comfortable UK12. Actually some of them are in fact lose and I can fit into some smalls or 10's but I would not say I am a size 10 yet.  I am also heavier than I would like to be! The thing is I would like to be a bit smaller having come this far and definitely don't want to get bigger again.

Despite wanting to lose a bit more, I am actually feeling good about myself at the moment. Just in case you haven't seen these photos yet, this was me at the weekend:

I felt very pretty in my gorgeous pink Coast dress.

This week I have visitors but once they are gone I am going to go back to exercising 3-6 times per week. I am also going to be speaking to the lovely Sasha at Thinking Slimmer for  a bit of advice. I will of course continue to drink plenty of water and fruit tea too (although a little wine might be consumed this week too...sorry)!

Hope you are all doing better than me.

Oh and where has the gorgeous sun gone? I haven't had my little white shorts on yet!

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Karen x