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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

MUMenTum Weekly Update

Well I am not sure what has been happening for the past two weeks but out of our little group that seemed to be growing each week all of a sudden it is just little old me! Have I missed something? Never mind though, I will let you know how I have been getting on anyway!

I have been away for a fabulous few days with family.  I have eaten, drank and not done any exercise.  I even stupidly left my ipod behind with my Slimpods on them so am not feeling my best right now. In the past few weeks we have had friends to stay, visited others but am now back home.  This week I am back on my mission!! 

Husband is off and we have lots of fun things planned but I am going to do my best to eat healthily, do my exercise and start listening to my slimpods again.  I really have no excuse, I have all the gear including slimpods, hotpants, dvds and a cross trainer. I just need to throw myself back into it again. The good thing is I want to do it and I know I feel good when I do so watch this space!!

Karen x