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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

"Silly Mummy, Milk Doesn't Come From Cows...."

......."it comes from Sainsbury's". Oh dear!!

A few weeks ago I asked my little girl where milk comes from and this is what she told me. Oh no, I am sure I have told her all about milk coming from cows and eggs coming from hens. This week we have been away for a few days and have gone back to basics, teaching Poppy where all our fruit and vegetables come from.

First she picked, washed and tasted pears fresh from the tree in Nanny and Gramp's garden. She thought they were the most "delicious" pears she had ever tasted!

Then it was on to her Grandma's house where they have a vegetable plot at the back of the garden.  Here Poppy helped dig up, collect and wash potatoes and onions from the ground and saw how runner beans grow. She ate them with no fuss and said "these potatoes are really yummy, they taste like the ones from Sainsburys" hee hee.

Check out our little photo slide show:

Finally, she saw apples growing on a tree, tasted fresh blackberrys and enjoyed a roast dinner with all of the food she had collected:

So there you have it. We have explained to our Daughter that yes we do all our shopping at Sainsburys but fruit and vegetables grow outside in the fresh air. We have also gone through it all again about milk coming from cows and eggs coming from hens.

Phew, I feel like a much better Mummy now.

Karen x