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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Magic Crocs Chameleons - Colour Changing Shoes

Crocs were one of the sponsors at Cybermummy and were just giving them away...for free.  I know I was amazed too, so generous.

Having been looking at them for a while and dithering over the price, I was fortunate enough to pick up these gorgeous new colour changing crocs for my little girl.  She thinks they are so great so I just wanted to tell you about them.

They are currently on sale for £34.99.  Quite steep I thought for this type of shoe but they are very comfortable, let the feet breath and are "pretty cool" according to Poppy who is three.

"It's like magic! The new Crocs Chameleons™ Translucent Clog changes colours in the sun. Using exclusive breakthrough patent-pending technology, these kids’ clogs transform from one colour to another almost instantly when exposed to sunlight. So kids can watch them change right before their eyes!"

See for yourself:

Poppy has the clogg version in oyster/pink lemonade.  They look like this indoors:

They then start to turn a light pink colour outside before turning to this:

Yes a bright purple colour.  Doesn't she look all colour co-ordinated in this outfit?

They really do look totally different! She has had lots of comments about them from others, especially when they change before their very eyes.  They come in several different colour/style combinations so there really is something for everyone.

Poppy gives them a big thumbs up and a huge score of 9/10.  She can't wait to get them on and play outside in the sun.  Have you got yours yet?

Karen x

For the record, although I received these for free I was not asked to write a review. I just wanted to because we like them!