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Monday, 15 August 2011

MUMenTum - Week 15

Wow, week 15 already..I feel as though I should be super skinny by now but I am not.

Okay here's the confessions: 

Last week I had friends to stay, good friends I have not seen for ages. Of course this resulted in me drinking far too much wine (I don't drink very often), eating too much food and of course having treats like ice-cream! Why do we do that to ourselves? During these few days I also forgot to listen to my slimpods (shock horror, it must have been the wine)! I have also not done any exercise for two weeks.  

Wow, written down like that, it looks bad.  No wonder I am feeling so tired, sluggish and grumpy recently. I have also noticed my jeans are getting a bit tighter again.

I have given myself a big kick up the bum and today I  am starting again. Still not on a diet I will:
  • Listen to my slimpods every night
  • Contact Sasha from Thinking Slimmer to discuss my lack of progress
  • Make sure we have lots of healthy food in 
  • Start exercising again
Hopefully, I will be able to report back with good news next week.

Hope you are all doing better than me.

Karen x