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Monday, 1 August 2011

MUMenTum - Week 13

Hello again,

Its week 13 already and although I had been doing very well the past few months, I have just spent the week at my parents and feel as though I have put a bit back on.  In particular I have noticed my stomach is not as flat as it was last week. Although I didn't eat lots of unhealthy stuff, I did eat bread which I don't usually eat and I have not been exercising either.  It really has made a difference.

On a good note though, I brought a new dress during the a SIZE 10!!!  Get me.  So exciting.  I also have brought a few new t-shirts in a 10 too but they do look more like 12s if I am honest.

So that's me.  I am a UK size 10-12 and feel quite good.  Yes I need to exercise to keep this way but I am not as fat as I have been in the past, my tummy is flatter than it has been for a while and I feel okay about the way I look.

This week I do want to be good.  I have a ball to go to on Friday night and have a beautiful new dress to wear (bright pink of course)! So I am going to continue to listen to my slimpods every night and am going to exercise in my hotpants too.  I am not on a diet any more but will not eat junk or bread and will drink lots of water and fruit tea. Hopefully that way I will be feeling pretty in pink on Friday evening.

Hope you are all doing well too

Karen x