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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Hoiday Here We Come!

Yeeehhh it finally feels like Christmas!  Husband is on leave for three weeks  and we have just enjoyed a lovely family weekend together. Now we are off on our holidays.

We have got a busy few weeks planned, travelling around the country to see various family members this Christmas.

However, it all starts with a few days at Butlins, experiencing a Winter Wonderland Break. This is a much needed break for all of us and we are thrilled to be off tomorrow, although not quite sure what to expect as we have not been on this type of holiday before.

For various reasons we have not been anywhere since Rosie was born. Prior to having children we never took a holiday in this Country. We preferred to fly off somewhere warm and sunny, staying in smaller, quieter hotels. We also enjoyed lots of outside activities, as well as sun bathing and spa treatments (well me anyway). Among others, previous activities and trips included:

  • Beach holidays to sunny places
  • Skiing in the Rocky Mountains
  • Scuba diving in the Maldives
  • Cycling across the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
  • Snorkelling and diving in Egypt as well as touring the pyramids and tombs

Obviously its gets difficult to do these types of activities with young children, so for us this is going to be an all together different type of break.

It will be nice to spend some quality, family time together and will give us a chance to really unwind. Husband has been working really hard recently and has not seen as much of the girls as usual so he is looking forward to chilling out and spending time with all of us with no distractions.

I am really looking forward to not worrying about cooking, washing up and just spending time with Husband and the girls, playing and swimming in the Splash Waterworld.

I have shown the girls this video clip and they squeal with excitement when they see it, saying "again, again, again":

We have printed off our letter of confirmation, packed  the camera and our video camera, all our clothes, even the swimming things including these gorgeous beach robes that were made especially for the girls. The were sent to us by Kids Gowns and Robes and designed by Giggle Giggle and will be perfect for by the pool:

So there you go, we are ready and cant wait to let you all know what we really think about Butlin's. 

We are also taking my Mother-in-Law and her Partner. We haven't seen them for a while so the girls are going to be so excited.

I will do my best to post a few posts and  some video whilst away.

Karen x