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Friday, 16 December 2011

Letters From Santa x

Poppy was thrilled this week to receive not one but two letters from Santa. Such a lucky little girl!

Image from Google images

The first I had arranged via Photo Fairy Designs. For £6 she received a lovely personalised letter from Santa, a photo of him with his sleigh and reindeer, a chocolate and some magic reindeer food to sprinkle outside the back door. It was lovely and she couldn't stop smiling:

No picture of the chocolate as she ate it before I could snap it! 

The second was a surprise for me as apparently they had written letters to Santa at Preschool. They had even walked to the Post Office to send them but Poppy had forgotten to tell me all of this. Anyway he sent her this lovely letter back:

They both arrived on the same day but luckily, they said similar things, so she didn't suspect anything. After all she is only 3 years old and everything is magical at that age. 

I hope she stays a believer for as long as possible.

Karen x