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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Our Christmas Tree Is Up

Earlier I posted a picture of our Christmas tree, for my Silent Sunday post. It wasn't the best picture in the world so I wanted to add a few more pictures and talk about it a bit more.

Now I love real Christmas trees but a few years ago we brought this pre-lit one complete with berries and pine cones and I think its a very good compromise.

This year our tree is rather top heavy. With a cheeky little Rosie ready to grab and touch everything, we had to put the breakable glass ornaments and our favourite ones, near the top leaving the cheaper plastic ones near the bottom.

We have been very lucky to get to travel around a lot and love buying decorations everywhere we go. Each year we buy a few more and now we have a gorgeous selection or pink, turquoise, purple and silver ball balls and ornaments. I love the fact it is a little bit different to the usual red and green.

This is one of my favourite ones brought Christmas day 2007 at Lake Louise, Canada:

My real favourite though, has to be this one that Poppy made at a toddler group aged 1. It has her little finger prints in it and was a circle shape but last year she accidentally broke a bit off. It has still made it on to the tree this year though:

For years I have been collecting these cute little decorations from Accessiorize.  Made from tin and wood, they are a little bit different and very girly. We have quite a collection now but we think these ones represent us:

The Christmas Fairy on the top is quite girly too. Years ago I was shopping with my Sister when we discovered this. She said it was the fluffiest looking fairy she had ever seen and I just had to buy it:

Husband brought this one about five years ago and it is the most traditional decoration we have:

Poppy loves this simple little wooden snowflake best:

and Rosie is drawn to this one:

Obviously with all these bright colourful colours and sparkly looking decorations the girls cannot help themselves but to touch:

All in all a very girly looking tree but we love it and with three girls in the house what do you expect?

I love Christmas, have you put your tree up yet?

Karen x