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Monday, 12 December 2011

Poppy's First Ballet Show

This weekend was all about Poppy and her first ballet show.

She has been doing ballet for almost a year now and loves it.  Each week she has great fun deciding which gorgeous tutu to wear and loves going off with the teacher and the other girls, pointing her toes and twirling.

Here she is dressed as a little fairy all set to go on stage:

I should of taken a photo of the back of her hair as it was done beautifully. She had it twisted at the sides and pulled into a bun with a big gorgeous cream flower on it. So pretty!

So the weekend has gone away in whirl of ballet practice, dress rehearsals and the final show.

As you can imagine, they were all a little nervous beforehand but did brilliantly.  The girls are all aged two and a half to three and a half so they are not quite delicate little ballerinas yet. More like a herd of baby elephants but they were very, very cute.

I was very proud of my little girl. It was also lovely to have my Parents there too. They came especially to see her.

Next is the Nativity on Thursday when she will be a Sheppard, cant wait to see that either.

Karen x